More Trading Pairs

How can we get more trading pairs, it has been the same pairs for ages and I think it’s time to level up here, can we get the Legacy’s at least, LTC, BCH even XRP pairs added. whats the process, how do I vote.


hey dark, thanks for posting. nice to see you over here

bowser wrote a great summary of how to propose and bring to vote new listing options: About the Preliminary Listing Proposition category

the most recent example is the WTI Crude Oil PLP i drafted

check it out! i’d love to see LTC, BCH or XRP listed - especially as an effort coming from the community!

here’s my crude oil listing (which was passed by the community)

How is it going with the listing of Crude oil?
This was voted few months ago.
Does the team has information about this ?
Will they provide hedging possibilities (Long AND Short)?
That would be very usefull this days :slight_smile:

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Good question for @Bowser_LinearFinance

I think adding additional leverage opportunities is a different topic, but agree that more options would be better