ℓPLP: To list Crude Oil WTI

To list Crude Oil WTI Liquid on Linear Exchange.

This proposal will look to list Crude Oil WTI Liquid on Linear Exchange. The implementation of this proposal will mean that the pair ℓCRUDEOILWTI/ℓUSD will be available to trade for Linear Exchange users.

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is a blend of several US domestic light sweet crude oils. It is drilled and processed in the US, and it is mostly refined in the Midwest and on the Gulf Coast. WTI is mainly used as a benchmark on the US oil market.

Linear Finance has a strong opportunity to differentiate itself as a Liquids exchange with unique non-crypto assets. Crude Oil WTI is a popular real-world asset and will further the objective to shift Linear Finance liquid asset portfolio to a more diverse, real-world focus.

In order to keep the gas fees down, Crude Oil WTI will replace ℓYFI.

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Sounds good! Would be nice if we could buy this synthetic (long and short)

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Would vote for adding this! :+1:

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Likewise, would vote for it!

Good idea, vote for this for sure!


vote is live


Thanks Captain, voted! :ballot_box:

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we passed! congrats everyone!

linear exchange continues to grow and change!