Potential Partnerships

Hey Linear family. How do we feel about some form of partnership that entails a creation of NFT’s/Limited Supply by said partner and listed on Linear Exchange. As an incentive, the transaction fees would then be dispersed into a partners’ DAO for them to do with as they please. This would give linear a new audience and more exposure. Fuel for thoughts.


I like this.
A limited NFT listed on exchange is the only bit I’m not sure how we would do, in terms of a liquid version. But definitely we need to explore this, I will have a look at some BSC NFT projects and see what I can find, and I would encourage you all to do so as well and then lets keep adding to this thread and see where we get,
Thanks @RyanDean for this great suggestion!

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i like the idea of NFTs tied to linear finance in some way. i think nfts are great for creating loyal communities. would have to think about how it would work for linear finance tho

worth exploring options for nft indices. thought i’ve seen that around, but don’t recall where. if anyone feels like sleuthing, it would be helpful!

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