About the Preliminary Listing Proposition category

ℓPLP will help the community propose new listings they want to trade on the Linear Exchange.

For new Liquid to be listed and fully functional on Linear, a proposer has to go through the following steps:

  1. The proposer should go through the Linear Preliminary Listing Proposition (why you’re here!) and Linear Listing Proposition phases, with a proposal clearly outlining all information that allows Community Participants to make an informed decision. Listing Proposition must meet the following criteria

  2. Steady, reliable data-feed

  3. Available on TradingView

  4. Once the Proposition is deemed successful, the Linear Council and the pDAO will coordinate with Linear’s preferred oracle providers to ensure availability of price-feed and then launch the new asset within 21 days

  5. If there is an operational reason the asset cannot be supported (i.e. no oracle support), then the Linear Council will veto the listing and communicate the justification to the Linear Community

  6. If all necessary criteria to launch is met then the new liquid asset will be added to exchange.linear.finance within 21 days

The format for each Linear Listing Proposition (ℓLP) should be as follows:

  • Title “ℓLP: To list/delist {asset name} ({asset symbol})”
  • Summary
  • Abstract*
  • Rationale*
  • Chainlink BSC Price Oracle Address*
    • If not available, proposer should mark as N/A and request for oracle support when the ℓLP is getting relative majority midway of voting period)
  • Forum topic link
  • Proposal Collaborator(s) - using forum username
  • Snapshot block number*

*Mandatory information

  • Choices: Yes/No
  • Voting type: Single choice voting with cubic weighting
  • Start date & End date: 3 days

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