Exchange De Lists

I forgot to bring this up on the call yesterday.
Whilst adding new assets to the exchange is a big focus for the DAO, in particular we have spoken about commodities and indices as well as some quick wins that we already added like SOL, MATIC and now Oil… We also need to look at what to de list as it takes up computational power and space on the exchange.
The least traded assets currently are the currency pairs, any objections to getting these off? Anyone have thoughts on what they would like to see removed? Please use this thread.

My thoughts are that whilst forex options are good in that they differentiate us, if you were a real forex trader you would really want an exchange with all the bells and whistles which we just don’t have yet. For example leverage, stop loss and take profit etc as forex is less volatile traders generally use much more indicators than you would need in more volatile crypto markets.
So on this basis I would say lets get these off the exchange for now and then look to add more commodities and interesting indices that people cannot trade elsewhere thus attracting more users to our exchange. Also the NFT option that we are discussing in another general chat is very interesting!

i like the idea of featuring a diverse set of assets for our users, but recognize that the demand isn’t there right now. might be worth pulling now and we could always add back in the future

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