More Leverage Options on Linear Exchange

It’s important to continue to expand the scope of services to Linear Exchange users. I propose we leverage the lessons learned from Athos and Chaotic exchanges and add up to 4x leverage both long and short for all assets on Linear Exchange.


What can I see. This is just a great idea💡 I mean if we would like to see more people using the exchange. I think we need more possibilities. For sure as we are promoting synthetic assets.

I also think the 4 x leverage is enough. Would be great to see this on all our assets!


For sure, I think this is a good idea, personally I would say why just 4x, we should push to make the Linear exchange more epic than those found on CHAOS and ATHOS.
Also, I think of more importance, if adding leverage, we need the ability for stop loss/ stop limit and take profit.
For reference Pancake Swap have really upped their game in terms of perpetual and trading options. Check this out:

200x leverage wooha!

full on degen, i love it

Are we still moving on with this idea?
I would like to see similar posibilities as on the ATHOS exchange to start with.

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