Improving exchange volume

Linear Exchange will need much higher volume to generate meaningful fee revenue for Buildr debt holders. Some ideas using the exchanges strengths:

Unique liquids
Great live examples are ℓDEFI, ℓXBCI ℓXLCI.
Linear could regularly feature these via social channels, and mention the composition and lower risk benefits vs holding individual assets. The composition and a summary description of the liquid could also be mentioned inside of the exchange.

Unlimited liquidity and no slippage
Since proceeds from trading on the exchange are in ℓUSD, the exchanges unlimited liquidity is only as good as ℓUSD liquidity on the open market.

The Linear Vault has helped with ℓUSD liquidity and peg, and offers great returns on stablecoins, but the awareness is still low. This could be improved through:

  1. Regular promotion of Vault on social media and getting the APY known. Community can help with this
  2. Giving comfort to new Vault users by highlighting code audits and partnering with a DeFi insurance platform (something like Nexus/Bridge Mutual)

Any other ideas?


Hello to everyone;
I am reading what you wrote and I would like more detailed information about them. I want to be a part of this business. Like a puzzle piece. A picture that wouldn’t be complete without me.
I have an idea, but I want to use it with criticism. There are many social media promotions or licensed contracts for each application, coin or product. But many continue, leaving their main customers in the open. What we will do is to sell them a sense of belonging, and if each visitor brings a person with him, this can create a bond.
Everyone will take a look at their surroundings first, and the rest will come by itself. Those who are here in the first place need to make a special notification. How many people can you address?
Everyone needs to know and share the number of people they can bring. However, it will be sufficient to calculate the people that these people can bring indirectly.

Good topic, have moved from site feedback as that’s for forum related feedback. Have posted here to see if any members want to add ideas to increasing exchange volume. This topic also relates to lUSD peg.

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I think the user experience must be improved. A user should be able to use any coin to buy eg lbnb. When I go to this exchange i dont want to go through the painful conversion process. Can something like this be implemented with like pancakeswap handling the conversion in the background?