Community Preference: More Crypto Liquids *or* More Options to Short Existing Liquids?

i’m convinced that the value proposition for linear finance is to offer users financial products they cannot access elsewhere. my current belief is that adding more crypto liquid options is less impactful to bringing in new users than finding new products to help distinguish us from other options. it’s my opinion that providing more options for users to short tokens, or increase the leverage for perpetual trading would have a bigger draw than simply adding the coingecko top 100 assets.

what do you think?

where should we focus our attention?

Indices, though more complex, these offer a bigger draw as it gives investors the opportunity to hedge their interest in a certain asset class, it also gives people the opportunity to get involved in a narritive that they may not yet be involved in, for example an indice that tracked gaming crypto tokens would be ideal for someone to get involved in that genre without directly buying some riskier direct token.
Happy to take the lead on an indice.

Stocks and commodities, already been discussed.
ETFs maybe?

I think we need more non crypto assets.

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yeah, i agree. right now the problem, imo, with onboarding a large amount of crypto assets is each new liquid increases the gas cost for all transactions.

so, if we have a choice for a community to determine more crypto or more non-crypto assets, i think we should focus on non-crypto

community ultimately decides the direction tho

As much as I’d like more liquids for convenience, this is not offering all that much different from a regular exchange which often has way more assets anyway.

I agree with captain trips and my opinion is that it’s better to have more exotic and unusual product offerings like commodities and more complex things to attract new and existing investors who want to dabble in those but have limited or zero options elsewhere

Some ideas: crude oil, natural gas, petroleum, carbon credits, aluminium, other precious/rare metals

I don’t know the possibility or legality around offering pegged company stocks and share liquids like Tesla, imagine that’s a flat no for a myriad of reasons, perhaps someone who knows more about this side of things can comment


Soybeans, wheat, coffee …