Improve ui of linear and chaos

Need to see more stats like how many address under 250/200/500 p-ratio

Add how many Lina/Chaos issued (coinmarketcap vs coingecko vs Binance) people are confused.

Instead of seeing history to see when rewards will be unlock, maybe it’s great to see some beautiful UI to know when (days, months) and how many.

Navigation between buildr and exchanges.

Feel free to add more…


I would also add

  • Show scheduled reward due next week
  • show amount unclaimed previous week and make it clear when this amount is distributed
  • show amount unclaimed 2 weeks week and make it clear this amount will be distributed next Wednesday

We really need more transparency.
@legacy can we move that to proposal stage?


Nice ideas guys but there is already a thread with these and other suggestions on the thread:

Lets try to keep things all in one place!

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