List Lina at Bitgert Exchange


You might have heard about the new exchange from Bitgert that is just 8n Beta phase

This exchange seems very interesting and given 0 fee structure should attract high demand. I understand that getting listed there should not be difficult.
Could this be done?

i like the idea. would you please research what it takes to get listed and let us know, so we can make an informed decision?


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Sure, I will look into it.

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Hi guys; if interested here are the salient details regarding a partnership with BItgert

“I am speaking with you on behalf of the Bitgert ($BRISE) team, and would like to invite your project on our BRISE blockchain.”

We are the fastest growing crypto of 2022 with many amazing products.

We launched as a bep20 token in July 2021 and blockchain went live on Feb 15 with testnet+mainnet with smart contract development support.

Bitgert has 114k+ Holders and heading towards billion dollar market cap.

Currently expanding our ecosysten with many start up projects and partnerships.

Here are some of the benefits-

  • We offer you a bridge to BRISE chain where you can avoid high ETH gas fees as our gas fees is near zero.

-100,000 TPS

-Free promo from Bitgert

-Will be able to attract lot of new investors

-Marketing support

These are the useful links here you can check everything:


Chain Documentation:

Chain explorer:

Chart: PooCoin BSC Charts


CMC: Bitgert price today, BRISE to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

CG: Bitgert price, BRISE chart, and market cap | CoinGecko

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @bitgertbrise

Hi - Is someone following up on that?

I can’t say no. :disguised_face:
We want visibility so I’m down for that!

what is the process to make this work? do we need to supply LINA for their exchange? if so, how much?

also, i don’t really understand what is this protocol. is it a L1?

@Captain_Trips_Linear perhaps you could reach out to them directly? Unfortunately I am not as familiar with these things?

not sure i can find the time for this, if i’m being honest.

Isn’t that something that the linear team should do?

in general, the philosophy of the DAO is community-lead initiatives. a successful DAO is able to utilize the power of the community, and passionate supporters are the people who drive the progress of the project. while i am a member of the linear council, more importantly i’m a community member. as a community member i’m trying to help with the marketing/educational needs, as you’ve seen with my LPIP.

ultimately i’m just one dude who wants to see lina hit its full potential. we are in the early days of the DAO, but eventually the community will have a strong sense of ownership of this project. with that ownership comes a philosophy that drives a person to think - if i’m suggesting this idea, then i might be responsible for completing this task.

Hello peeps.
Yah, I think le capt. is correct here. If we have things we want and think will help the protocol then we use the DAO process:
Raise the idea in GENERAL, get some chat around it.
If positive, create a well inform lPIP where some final haggling can occur.
Now we SNAPSHOT it… And get the work moving. You may need help, you can ask for help! But best to have your game plan worked out before you lpip or snapshot it.

In regard to the above, I’m working on some ideas for partnerships and will include Bitgert if I think its relevant but I need to do more research on it. I feel that partnerships provide extra exposure to the kind of people that are involved in crypto and that may well be the type to use our exchange. Increasing exchange usage is a main priority for me so that’s where my focus is right now as well as, of course, being involved in and helping orchestrate the DAO in its early stages.


thanks, jpr

here’s a brief outline i wrote in another thread, but is relevant to your point:


DAO is responsible for creating initiatives and working through them. the Linear Council has a treasury to pay for these efforts.

you must go through the correct procedure:

  • start the conversation on GENERAL
  • understand the community opinion
  • draft a very specific and detailed LPIP and allow for community discussion
  • if positive, submit a snapshot for the community to vote
  • if it passes and there’s no reason for the Linear Council or the Linear Team to veto, then the proposal is passed and the person who proposed it is responsible for completing the task.