Lina Supporters Team


I got an idea about lina supporters team on twitter etc.

Since our summary is long, we need to spread the stuff around much as possible!

We can select some of people who lina enthusiasts and they may help things for good and giving them montly payment for their efford would be good i guess.

What y’all think?

(Sorry for my poor english)

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i think this is a good idea, and exactly what a DAO is supposed to do. a DAO is responsible for creating initiatives and working through them. the Linear Council has a treasury to pay for these efforts.

you must go through the correct procedure:

  • start the conversation on GENERAL
  • understand the community opinion
  • draft a very specific and detailed LPIP and allow for community discussion
  • if positive, submit a snapshot for the community to vote
  • if it passes and there’s no reason for the Linear Council or the Linear Team to veto, then the proposal is passed and the person who proposed it is responsible for completing the task.

there are informational posts from @Bowser_LinearFinance throughout the forum to further inform you about our process

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Great and good to know.

I’m thinking&noting some plans.

Since I’m not a social media pro , looking and collecting information first about “How to Use Twitter effectively to Introduce people lina?”