Cheaper fess, Faster network and ability for small holders to build Lusd

Hello Linear team,

I have been with Linear for quite some time on the BSC network and I am seeing my BNB drain away slowly with every rewards collection.
I also saw different post where many small holders are unable to build Lusd because the gas fees would make it not accessible.
Have you considered adding Velas network to linear protocol? The network is much faster 75k tps, the gas fees are .00001 VLX. VLX is currently .25c, transactions costs fractions of a penny.
Velas has EVM compatibility, therefore it should be a simple transfer with current codes.
Is there any interest in moving or we are going to continue to have a high barrier to build Lusd?


Hi Antonio, thanks for joining us on this forum!

We already received feedback about gas fees being high for smaller bags on BSC, team is currently focusing on Moonriver & Moonbeam integrations where fees will be even cheaper.
There will definitely be other integrations as we are a cross-chain protocol, Chaotic being our next move which will deploy on Moonriver and coming soon, don’t worry for now, we are still exploring for new integrations (maybe Solana next?)

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Hi Antonio,

I definitely agree there is a problem with the high gas fees! You can see it is difficult for smaller investors to stake lina and keep it a profitable process. I think this is something they should improve.
Do you have any idea on how they can improve this sytem in your opinion ?

On the second part I agree with Sam. The team is working hard on integration with Moonriver and Moonbeam. They should 100% focus on this 2 integrations for now. Ofcourse after a succesfull launch we gaan make new suggestions.

I understand the team must be quite busy with the new integrations. It is good to hear there will be more. My point with Velas is that is runs on Solidity just like the current Ethereum and BSC integrations and it is ultra cheap, because it runs on solidity it would be an easy integration for the current linear protocol rather than a new protocol all together.

Solana is also a great blockchain, and Velas is actually a fork of Solana with solidity language support unlike Solana, hence my suggestion as it would be a plug and play kind of integration, rather than the need for more complicated programming.

Semi1993, my main post explains, Velas is a blockchain with the same programming language than our current Ethereum and BSC, This suggests that Linear protocol could integrate Velas (which is a fork of Solana, super fast and cheap) without much programming almost plug and play. The current gas fees are .00001, you can do literally thousands of transactions for 1 cent.

Thanks for the reply and engagement, looking forward for future updates on the protocols and the launch of Chaotic and Athos. well done team!