Linear Wiki/GitBook

Hi everyone, I’m currently making a wiki/gitbook documentation to have everything a user need to know in a single place.

The main categories will be:

  • Introduction (What is Linear Finance?)
  • Tokenomics
  • Linear dApps (Buildr/Exchange…) with subcategories to explain everything in detail
  • Linear Community (Community Resources, Telegram Groups, Discord, DAO…)
  • External Resources

and more if you have any ideas

If you want to give me a hand on it, I will add you in the project, it would be highly appreciated! :slight_smile:



I am good at preparing presentations. I can give you a hand…

We need to choose good wiki software for teams first imo.

Cool, I use GitBook, I find it pretty easy to use and straight forward, you only have to create an account there and I can add you in the team to add and edit stuff. Please dm me on discord @zkSam#0001.