Hey! Got an idea!

Hello, my name is Chris, I joined the project for 1 year now and I am very happy to have discovered this project.

Two things would make me very happy and maybe even to others too.

First. The automatic P-ratio claiming

To be able to ensure that when our ratio is above 500, claiming is done automatically and the gas fee is also paid automatically by signing a contract. I’m used to do it and many do the same thing, claim on Wednesday morning when they wake up. We rarely forget it because we are used to it but imagine not needing to do it anymore! I don’t know if it’s feasible but the idea is launched.

Secondo. Linear.Finance app.

A real ios/android application instead of a dApp on a wallet. How do I see it? Simple. 5 tabs at the bottom. Buildr/Vault/Exchange/Swap/Profile. Imagine being able to have everything in one! With the next synthetic assets that will be listed, the exchange will be used more and more! And why not be able to have the Linear.Finance app as a widget that allows you to see your Ratio at all times?!

Pretty sure someone already thought about all this. But since I can tell my pov, here it is!


YO YO love the idea of autoclaiming its brilliant - it would solve also problem that many are facing missing the claim time loop when pratio is above for short period and than somebody is busy or its his sleeping time etc, not sure how would this work tho with ledger as you have to sign the tx. Unless maybe locking some BNB in protocol for claims and refillling periodically. I use only computer or laptop for crypto so mobile doesnt concerns me, but there are many crypto mobile app users so the idea should have warm welcome amongst other stakers. Improvement is an improvement whether its for 30% of users or 70%.

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The BNB locked to pay the recurrent gas fee!
Great one on this one.
Pretty sure it’s workable.

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Hey Chris, I like both of your ideas.

For the first one, I would even add an option to claim manually or automatically, would let people the choice of staying on the current system or switch to an automatic claim when p-ratio > 500.
As @ark just added, could be done via locking some BNB to pay claiming fees.

Linear app on mobile, I’ve been thinking about this for a while too, I also think it would be great to have our own all-in-one app with a user friendly interface, the widget idea is very nice too, tho I imagine on a dev side it would be a pain to make all these things work together!


I don’t mind how much time it takes. But if the devs are down for it… We gonna be allset and could do some day trading with all the assets we gonna have.

I like the Idea for auto claim with bnb locked or better usung with the Lina in wallet (converting the Lina auto to bnb current price so we dont need to buy bnb but only doing everything with Lina, of course as optional for those who prefer bnb and to not sell their Lina).

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Hey everyone, love to see these ongoing discussion in our Linear Forum, truly!

With regards to building an app, that would require a huge amount of time from our devs, right now I would say that it’s not feasible to put development of an app as a priority over getting Chaos and later Athos launched. Creating an app is quite an undertaking. However, if we receive an interesting proposal containing a timeline, budget plan and a skilled team, the proposal can be put to the vote. If approved a grant be awarded.


giving up on participation in discussion on subject of Linear protocol upgrades so should the rest this clearly answer the question what is priority and where funds are going to deployed. Gonna stick to the listing discussion the other seems like something possible to achieve. :roll_eyes:

For me as a carpenter, for sure it’s gonna take years to make an app fully workable for Linear. But for someone who knows what he does… This could be done quite quickly. The app is basicly to be able to do some spot trading, being able to have a quick watch on my synthetic portfolio and gain time without going on my metamask. I mainly use my phone to do all that, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

Look what happen with the « Vault » from the dapp.
I can’t scroll to the left to stack my lusd in it. Gotta go on a computer because the dapp don’t let me flip on the side or scroll to reach it.

Imo they just have to make the website (buildr/vault…) responsive it’s not that complicated and should be a priority, I don’t know why they didn’t do it at first time (mobile first thinking), we’re in 2022 now guys.

doesnt seem like a pleasant experience :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Autostaking is a cool idea, but it also would mean less rewards for those of us who care for LINA.

Bowser is correct that creating an APP will take up a fair bit of resources. Now that we have a mobile page I don’t think it’s a priority. Full focus should be on Chaos/Athos launch at this moment in time imo.

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Tbh Majin, I’m only using my phone to do everything on Linear… And with all due respect to Linear, changing pages from Buildr to Exchange, a Vault that’s only half displayed…bah… I love daytrading but right now with what the exchange offers, I can only hodl. The time between each purchase/sale is quite long. And in daytrading, it’s all about timing.

I’d be interested in seeing user statistics as I would believe that the vast majority of people are using the desktop website. An app would be a great development down the line, but I doubt we have the mobile user base to justify that quite yet. I’m just happy we have a nice, working mobile website now. Very snappy and UI looks great.