Linear Finance LC Newsletter

Hey all, I appreciate that the production of our first newsletter has been somewhat delayed and that the community is keen for us to get this out and at the same time, improve our communication with you in general.
Firstly, apologies for the delay. I think the market conditions and general apathy in the markets as well as global macro conditions have effected us all but please rest assured that we, as the LC, are still very much committed to the process of making our great ecosystem and project even greater.

With that being said, this chat is created for you to all add below what you want to see in the newsletter moving forward. We may not get these ideas in the 1st one, as that’s close to completion but please use this thread to provide feedback and creative input for the newsletter. I’m sure its something that will evolve over time.



I think it would be good to add a monthly topic about what has been worked on. Different to the roadmap … which is very general. I am invested in some very good projects and communication is key to those projects.

It does not has to be over complicated.
But just so the community can follow and can see that devs are actually working on the codes…


Ideally I would like to see this weekly… but if not It could be added as a monthly topic in the newsletter…


An example

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