Exchange Improvement #gamification

Hi Lineatics,

I came with the idea to show an average buying price from the assets you are holding and also the average buying price for every transaction.

I know you can calculate this.
But I think this kind of feasures will attract new people to the exchange.

It makes it much easier to see if you can sell with profit or loss.
I would even add Profit/Loss. So people immediately see what positionis in loss and which is in profit. They can claim profit or take loss…
This gives a very good user UX. It is some form of gamification.

What are your thoughts on this ?
Feedback is welcome so we can push this through snapshot soon :wink:
I know the team is planning for a major UI design overhaul for Linear and athos.
Maybe we can add this idea to this major UI design update!

As mentioned I would also add an overal average buying price (profit/ loss) for the asset . So you can easily see if you have profit or not :slight_smile:

  • Good idea! Let’s go!
  • naaah… I will vote against

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Looks like a lot of positive votes.
I will wait some more days.
If everything stays like this and no big new remarks, i will push this to snapshot.
All feedback is still welcome and much appreciated!


Mentioned it few months ago too: this is a very good idea and should definitely be implemented!


this is an interesting approach i’ve not seen before. i like it!

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I suggest bringing tthis one back to a vote as this one fails due to a lack of participation. Also I think this one was not properly publicised by the team at least I didn’t see it.


Sounds fair… I mean most people were possitive about this idea.
However we missed the Quorum.
Can we relaunch this ide on snapshot ?
Please advice @Ant @JPR @Captain_Trips_Linear


What’s the status here. Can we relaunch this.
We should also show the actual price at which the liquid was bought and sold. I think for taxation this is needed to record properly any taxable profits