*** Linear Finance Exchange UI / UX Upgrade Brainstorm ***

Hello DAO Community!

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the exchanges’s interface and some of the upgrade we would love to see in the future. I’d like to open a discussion here to see what needs people are seeing, feeling, and brainstorming. How can we make the platform more friendly and viable for professional investors. Please be very detailed in you answers. How will it look? and how does it work? Be Specific!

There have been some ideas already such as,

  • Increasing Exchange stability- which would be packaged in this potential proposition and we will be discussing with Dev

  • Adding popular commodities & more exotic indices
    -discussed- Linear moving to only listing only BTC, ETH, and commodities
    -discussed- Moving Linear towards listing just the 7 top chains, where you can buy them all on just one chains using a non-custodial wallet, and working with a partner like maybe PieDao to have something unique, like the 7 top chains top 10 tokens as indices.

  • Increasing overall UX
    Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!!!
    What does it look Like?
    What does the community want to see?

CK’s opinion, I would like to see:
*Stop & Limit Orders
*Maybe links for each original asset on Tradingview or Coingecko


I think the very fundamental thing is the most important thing
For example, CoinMarketCap evaluates the project
Evaluation is evaluated by the company that audits the evaluation
The company basically checks the following
If there is a good assessment, people invest in tokens

User Activity - Compare Chain Activity to Identify Growth
Developer Behavior - Measure Protocol Updates
Market Maturity - Look at Risk and Liquidity

  1. LUSD conversion
    One important feature for me is to have the ability to use eg USDT or BUSD or any other bsc coin that can be used on pancake to convert to lusd.

I want to be able to simply connect my Wallet and buy eg lbnb using usdt. The conversion to lusd should happen in the background.

This would make it easier to users to use the exchange. Especially user with less experience should benefit from that.

  1. Order type
    Stop Loss and take profit orders is a must.

  2. Futures
    Would we be able to add trading futures.

  3. Application
    Perhaps there should be a dedicated Android etc app.

  4. Transaction history
    Enhance records to show the price purchased and price sold, fees etc.
    I should be able to download history in excel.

  5. Exchange competition
    How can we keep traders trading at the exchange? Perhaps there could be some form of reward system.


For the UI, I would start messing with Buildr in a first time, because as a user this your main central app you interact with.

So I would add Exchange + Vault + Dashboard tabs and reducing infos on the top right corner (+ why not a function to switch network by clicking on the bsc/eth logo)

A link to Chaotic Buildr would be welcomed too.

On a dev perspective, we need to fix the debt tracker as it literally never worked so no one could use it properly.


Specific comparison targets are required when bidding or ordering
please Let’s benchmark on snx and ripple
Their characteristics are simple, clear and intuitive
They are the most important candid

If we are preparing a quantum jump, you should benchmark it from a distance, not from the surrounding area
for exegemple Look around the Plaistation homepage!
They have careful consideration centered on new users
One more thing is needed for quantum jumping
I want we to express finance through ux/ui, not just by name
It means money or bank, like a logo or character or nft character

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If we talk about buildr and etc I would say that the whole website should be structured differently. First of all you should be able to access Lina, Chaos and Athos from one platform.

The way it’s currently set up makes it look like that you don’t want Chaos investors to know about Linear and vice versa.

There should be life Diagramm showing you the reward flow based on current performance. Showing how the rewards are accumulating prior to weekly distribution. Especially showing the reward stream from Chaos to Lina stakers and in the future from Athos.

There’s lots more I would change. The way it’s build is something I have seen many times at work. It’s build mostly from a developer perspective prioritizing what the developers things is important not build from a user perspective.

Transparency is key… Currently set up raises more questions then answers.


:100: Agree with @Crumbi


Thank you and I agree
The unnecessary energy consumed by community managers will be greatly reduced
We need to devote our saved energy to linear marketing and development

Hi, I know Easter is coming up so why are we not hidding some easter eggs on the exchange. Like people that place a trade over easter get a easter reward… Chance of winning some Lina’s

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