Why why why linear?

I’m going to write the first sentence with my experience
This is just my opinion
And this is a message for everyone involved with LINEAR

Let’s make a slogan

DEFI / 7.9 billion / Change / Innovation
There are many projects and new projects are born every day
Why, why, why, should LINAR do it?
Let’s set the catchphrase as the answer to the question
And let’s expose it strongly on the linear homepage.
What’s a catchphrase?
why linear???
only you???
why why why???

i love linear

Hi James, I’m not sure this catchphrase is ‘catchy’ enough and so definitely needs some more work!
Also not sure its worthy of whole new thread, but thanks for the input as always.
Community input and involvement is critical so keep going, every now and then we will strike gold (or BTC) I’m sure.

how is it going?
I first analyze successful projects
What kind of mindset they had brought people together to form a village

  1. Delivering market needs
  2. Connecting Tokens to the Real Economy
  3. Not perfect but very high decentralization
  4. Token developers The country or continent that will serve as a stepping stone for their partnership with the country or enterprise (applicable
  5. national trust and cooperation)
  6. Reflects genuine holders and investors’ requests, not imitations
  7. Compensation of contributors to the expansion of the ecosystem
  8. Price confidence system (terra stores bitcoin as required by the holder)
  9. The Role of Foundations to Protect the Ecosystem
  10. Holder-centered ecosystem (not a16z and not Sequoia)
    a breakthrough project over traditional finance

Hey, buddy!
I’ve been watching your efforts for a long time
I appreciate it^^
Why don’t we pull together?
I’m the top 5 percent LINA whale
That’s why I try harder than anyone else
But it’s not just a good expression
It meets a greater risk later on.

I am a Korean. I hope you understand the lack of expression through the translator!
Luckily I don’t have LUNA
Everyone will be sick Let’s cheer up!
A crisis now is an opportunity for someone

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