Change reward format from linear

The Linear reward receipt request system should be chosen by the user, as it works today in some Defi (pancakeswap, Babyswap, among others). the fact that Linear places the reward weekly is bad because it consumes a lot of fees. The idea of ​​Cryptos itself is to be cheap and accessible and that is not what is happening so much in Linear reward.

It could at least be monthly, not weekly. Maybe Linear adoption is weak because users are noticing it.


I don’t think you have to post this here :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If you want to propose new ideas. You will need to follor the “Preliminary Improvement Proposition” procedure. At least thats what I think. Let’s see what happens.

I agree, monthly rewards would be better, just don’t wanna pay so much fees

Or reduce gas fees or increase rewards

I agree the gas fee are high to claim the reward each week. I think the situation will be fixed after Linear start running in the moonriver/moonbeam. The Linear reward are calculated base on the P-ratio. if change it to monthly, I think it will weaker the tension for the stakers to maintain their P-ratio above 500 every week. In that way, it is potentially hurting the stability of lusd and the Lina price.

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Personally, it doesn’t bother me to claim every week. When the APY is as high as it is you can’t complain about rewards. I like it because it makes people engage with the protocol more consistently. If you don’t claim after three weeks you lose that first week. I think it’s important to keep people involved and on their toes. A month is a long time to wait and I could see some people forgetting their buildr/pratio altogether and missing out on build opportunities as LINA’s price rises and falls. Or for example when the market crashed in June several people were saved by the Linear team even though they were liquidated due to a rapid price drop. When you aren’t paying attention, bad things can happen.


While I love to see engagement, this sort of discussion (which isn’t formatted as a LIP) fits better in the general category - i.e. an open discussion.

Further, to elaborate a bit on why the rewards period is weekly rather than say monthly or even longer is that the weekly reward period ensure that users maintain a healthy p-ratio (in order to claim). Why is this important? Well, since our protocol is based around the debt pool and it staying healthy, it’s important to encourage users to remain around 500, by having weekly claims (actually you can do every other week) we ensure that there’s incentive to keep the overall p-ratio balanced and healthy.


Also want to add, LIP and LLP cannot be posted to a vote until after we have held the Linear Council Election.

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Rewards are already high due to high APY% so increasing them wouldn’t make much sense and also it would affect the whole debt pool.

Beside there aren’t many projects which offer such high rewards ratio.

I can udnserstand that gas fees can be frustrating for some users with smaller amount of staked LINA but BSC fees are really cheap when we compare them to ETH.


Nope, if you use Heco Chain, you’ll know how is cheap.
I staked MDX in MDEX.CO on Heco chain. Gas fees to stake and claim are about 0.00058 HT (1 HT = 8 usdt). It cost 0.005 usdt for staking or claiming rewards.

Unfortunately we are not using Heco Chain, still fees BNB vs ETH are cheap, for similar transaction on ETH you would pay ~20$

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I think integration with biconomy will reduce the gas fee. What I understand is they bulk process the transaction, so that we are paying much less gas fee. Please correct me if I am wrong.

yes, i just discovered the dao forum and this was a proposal I wanted to request. I firmly believe that either allowing rewards to be collected together rather than having to collect them separately, OR simply having rewards airdropped automatically to wallets that have the proper p ratio, would be the best course of action. I believe it is highly discouraging to smaller stakers/participants within the Linear ecosystem seeing as I’m paying $4 in gas to claim $5 every week. I like Linear’s concept and the project itself, but currently the best financial decision I could make would be to remove my stake and enter a different project, which I would rather not do! Please larger stakers and ecosystem participants, I urge you to consider putting such a proposal to a vote!