Universal navigation bar on linear dapps

hey linear fam

wanted to have a brief discussion to get your feedback on some UI changes coming to your favorite linear finance dapps. the core team would like to create a universal bar across all dapps to improve the ease of movement from one product to the next.

they have proposed two options. which one do you like best?!

we will move this to a snapshot to have an official vote, but wanted to open up discussion first





Any examples on how it would look like on mobile?


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not at this time. right now i believe the team is only focused on desktop computer, but i know that the mobile application is high demand from the community

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Ok thanks indeed mobile is very important!

I’d say Option 2 looks better for me, more intuitive


Maybe a “mobile first” approach for the frontend development would be desirable. It is often used in modern Web/UI development because the iteration from mobile to desktop is way easier than the other way around. This could save a lot of resources for the frontend dev team. It would be a strong point for financial inclusion because there are a lot more people with mobiles than good old desktops.

But I want to point out that the Linear dApps are way more user friendly than a lot of other dApps, really no offense here! :+1:

For me Option 1 seams to be cleaner. There is a asymmetry in option 1 my inner Monk can’t live with and 2 uses less available space from the screen. Maybe the options dropout button could be a little bit more highlighted. How do you think about a left sided expandable sidebar with icons for the navigation?

Best regards!


anyone else have feedback on this?!

also, here’s a sneak peek that you may find interesting


Looks really nice! :+1:

expect a snapshot for this - probably this week

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Great to see this kind of development!
It does not take to much time to add this. However it is a big difference for the community.
Great work!

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