ℓPIP: "Welcome to Delta One Studios"


thanks for the questions. i encourage all community members to engage with this proposition and ask questions. we want to be as transparent as possible.

  1. Priorities?
    i’ve summarized the “hierarchy of priorities” list from the community: Hierarchy of Priorities Summary. the #1 request from the community has been increased educational and marketing materials. additionally, the full scope of this effort will take some time and can be developed concurrently with other priorities, such as UX/UI improvements, etc.

our thinking is that we create a library of educational films and upload them to the “Delta One Studios” youtube account. while we are creating that portfolio the DAO will continue to make advancements to the exchange offerings, UX/UI and other functional improvements to the LINA/LUSD ecosystem.

i imagine that all of our efforts are a push to bring in new users and excite them with our improvements. we’d like to see the DAO push to make functional improvements to the exchange while we build the educational films in the background. ideally the DAO functional improvements are completed as we embed our films onto the dApps. then we launch our Phase III - an aggressive marketing push. we can promote the improvements and new offerings and provide a welcoming platform for our new users.

  1. Demo?
    i just uploaded an example of how our INTEGRATE phase might look: INTEGRATE Teaser - YouTube. my expectation is that our educational films will be a mix of the initial introduction video and the INTEGRATE teaser. we’re focused on building a portfolio that provides clear, easy to understand, educational films. so, a little less flash than a coinbase earn video, but more substantial than a simple whiteboard video.

these videos will look professional. fellow LC member @CK_Linear_Council has partnered with me to develop this project. CK comes from this world and has the experience and connections to create these films. i will be responsible for project management and creative writing.

  1. Cost
    CK will be posting our proposed budget. we intend to work closely with the Linear team to ensure we are on budget and on brand. it is our mission to produce professional, easy to understand videos that help our users more fully understand the entire Linear suite of products