Influencers & Marketing Inspiration

howdy folks

i wanted to reach out to the community as we start to think about expanding our marketing footprint and efforts. what are some of your favorite examples of good marketing? what are your favorite educational videos? who are your favorite influencers?

feel free to think outside of crypto too.

let’s use this thread to create a collection of inspiring marketing work



Hi Captain!

I am not a marketing expert at all. But hey, here I am.
I gave you the information already. However I came across

Probably most of you know Moonbeam. So no explanation needed.
However I like the way they bring this academy alive. It is linked to their main website . Which will give new people confidence that it comes from the platform it self. (no scam, …)
So I think it would be nice to do something similar with Linear finance (

I would advice to take a look on the website.

But as you can see it is very straightforward. You start at te beginning and move on to more difficult topics.

If you take a certain Lesson it is devided in short videos ( max 10 minutes) So people do not get bored and they can learn when they have time for it.
The videos are very easy to follow as it is most screen recording with voice over. So they really explain people what to do and how it works. ( professionel but also accessible for beginners )

I think it would be good to put the videos on youtube and then integrate the videos on the platform. ( so people can find them on youtube and in the academy ) → more reach.
Furthermore we could also integrate certain buttons on our website (dapps).
For example in the vault to go to the video in the academy that explains how the vault works.
So even people that get onto the platform will know that there is explanation about the different possibilities! More people will be able to use the platform and are less likely to be put off by the complexity of the product.

I am confident that Influencers can use the academy to promote and create marketing around the product itself!

I think it’s worth to include this with the delta one project you are working on!
This could be a step in the right direction :slight_smile:


Personally I think we could garner inspiration from Coinbase vids, short and sweet generally.
I particularly like the ‘earn crypto’ opportunities they give where you need to watch some instructional then pass a mini quiz to get about 10 bucks, neat idea IMO.


IMHO, animated videos are cool.

Some good collage :


Imo it is linked with what I wrote in another thread: gamification of the platform, by having some “levels”, traders dashboard, best monthly portfolio…
That way, it’d be easier to share success and create engagement with influencers, Defi traders and so on.

I agree with the educational videos, we already have some, might be good to put some link within the dApp/easily accessible through the website. Those educational videos better be shared with general crypto folks, not for the Defi trader segment which shouldn’t have any issues using the product.