ℓPIP: "Welcome to Delta One Studios"


We are a Marketing Studio dedicated to create professional marketing material for Linear Finance

One of the biggest requests we’ve seen from the Linear Finance community is for more marketing and instructional materials.

DELTA ONE STUDIOS is a team dedicated to create exceptional, professional marketing content, designed to be integrated directly in the Linear Finance dapps (buildr, exchange, vault). Our aim is to enhance the platform and improve the ease of use for new users.

We propose a three phase action plan:

  1. CREATE: Develop the materials and release them on Youtube for immediate distribution

  2. INTEGRATE: Embed the videos directly into Linear websites

  3. ELEVATE: Full-scale marketing push utilizing strategic partnerships to promote Linear Finance

The DELTA ONE STUDIOS team includes marketing professionals, cryptocurrency experts and LINA enthusiasts.

We are dedicated to make Linear Finance easy to understand, easy to use and widely known across the crypto community.


Who Are We?

Introducing the DELTA ONE STUDIOS: a marketing studio dedicated to create informational marketing assets for Linear Finance. We are large LINA holders that believe in the mission of Linear Finance - to bring unique, decentralized financial products to people around the world.

We believe that Linear Finance is under the radar, and we are uniquely qualified to create marketing assets to increase awareness of the project.

We are:

  • Marketing professionals with decades of experience creating video campaigns for global brands
  • Crypto experts with years of experience in researching, networking and development
  • Convinced of the unique value proposition Linear Finance offers the crypto space

What’s the Plan?

We’re convinced that Linear Finance is an undervalued, and misunderstood project. By creating educational and marketing materials we will make Linear Finance more accessible to new users, increase engagement and improve the perception of the project in the crypto-community.

We are proposing a marketing strategy to deploy in three phases: CREATE, INTEGRATE & ELEVATE.

First we CREATE the assets - professionally created videos that educate on specific functions of the protocol. These videos will focus on commonly misunderstood aspects of utilizing the Linear Finance platform, including Building LUSD, understanding the Debt Pool, and (“not-financial advice”) avoiding Liquidations - and much, much more.

Next we INTEGRATE these videos across the all Linear Finance dapps, including Buildr, Exchange and Vault. We envision videos that can be accessed directly on the Linear project sites, so users can watch embedded videos while they are exploring the site.

Once the materials are created and embedded into the websites we ELEVATE the brand. DELTA ONE STUDIOS will launch a large-scale marketing blitz. We intend to show the crypto-community the value of Linear Finance.

We believe this strategy will ensure we build a strong foundation of resources and improve the ease of use of the platform to welcome new users attracted by our marketing effort.


Down to Business

Marketing efforts are time-consuming and expensive. As professionals we will need to be paid for the work. Throughout the entire process we will respect the autonomy of the DAO and the “Brand Flavor” of Linear Finance in our efforts.

First, we will detail the proposed plan to be created in each “Module” and allow the DAO to provide feedback to the plan before we vote on the Proposition and start the work.

Second, each payment will be locked behind a defined gate. For example, each unique film has an estimated time and expense. The payout will not occur until the film is delivered.

Finally, we ask the Linear Finance team to assign a representative to work closely with us as partners and ensure that we are creating content that meets branding expectations and that we are working on budget.

Each step of the way we will solicit feedback from the community and incorporate suggestions. We want to build this for the Linear DAO, and our goal is unequivocally to improve the user experience for Linear users, old and new.


We strongly believe in the potential for Linear Finance to be a top 100 by market cap project. We are convinced that providing new users detailed instructional videos will help lower the barrier to entry to the Linear Finance Suite of products.

We are a part of the Linear DAO community, and will work within the community to CREATE professional instructional marketing videos that will INTEGRATE with the Linear websites, and then ELEVATE the project with an aggressive marketing effort.



Huge! Really hyped about it, LFG!


Yes, we definitely need this kind action! Must show the people why lina is important and we can do this with strategy .


Great proposal, I definitely agree that we need a body of work such as this.
My initial, friendly and healthy push backs at this stage would be:

  1. Where does this sit on the list of priorities? I was of the thinking that we needed some more pressing fixes such as commodity listings and ux improvements to exchange before initiatives to pull in more crowds to the protocol.

  2. Would be good to see a relevant demo to ascertain the style and type of videos that are being proposed.

  3. Cost. Would this be more viable than outsourcing? What would be the cost to DAO funds?

But as I say, overall I love the idea and am onboard with it.


This is a very good idea. Like @JPR mentioned it would be a good move to motivate the community by giving examples of successful campaigns you and your team run in the past.

I would like to vote for spending DAO funds in marketing if you convince me with professional work.

Very good proposal!



thanks for the questions. i encourage all community members to engage with this proposition and ask questions. we want to be as transparent as possible.

  1. Priorities?
    i’ve summarized the “hierarchy of priorities” list from the community: Hierarchy of Priorities Summary. the #1 request from the community has been increased educational and marketing materials. additionally, the full scope of this effort will take some time and can be developed concurrently with other priorities, such as UX/UI improvements, etc.

our thinking is that we create a library of educational films and upload them to the “Delta One Studios” youtube account. while we are creating that portfolio the DAO will continue to make advancements to the exchange offerings, UX/UI and other functional improvements to the LINA/LUSD ecosystem.

i imagine that all of our efforts are a push to bring in new users and excite them with our improvements. we’d like to see the DAO push to make functional improvements to the exchange while we build the educational films in the background. ideally the DAO functional improvements are completed as we embed our films onto the dApps. then we launch our Phase III - an aggressive marketing push. we can promote the improvements and new offerings and provide a welcoming platform for our new users.

  1. Demo?
    i just uploaded an example of how our INTEGRATE phase might look: INTEGRATE Teaser - YouTube. my expectation is that our educational films will be a mix of the initial introduction video and the INTEGRATE teaser. we’re focused on building a portfolio that provides clear, easy to understand, educational films. so, a little less flash than a coinbase earn video, but more substantial than a simple whiteboard video.

these videos will look professional. fellow LC member @CK_Linear_Council has partnered with me to develop this project. CK comes from this world and has the experience and connections to create these films. i will be responsible for project management and creative writing.

  1. Cost
    CK will be posting our proposed budget. we intend to work closely with the Linear team to ensure we are on budget and on brand. it is our mission to produce professional, easy to understand videos that help our users more fully understand the entire Linear suite of products

Hi Linear DAO community!
Ive attached Delta One Studios “Module I” estimate and an outline of both our current and future goals.

With all this, I know funds are a concern, I assure you that we will only be rewarded upon delivery of each video and we will be running all this content through the Linear team to ensure we are in alignment and on linear brand delivering a seamless product that INTEGRATES beautifully. Very little to no risk.

I am very excited about this new work! I have been creating commercial content for clients for over 15 years, helping some really cool brands here in the US. Ive created a ton of web content, instructional videos, as well as celebrity and broadcast content here in Los Angeles. I have a super talented team of incredible designers, editors and our epic voice over guy all lined up! We are ready to get the green light and attack!!!



thanks for posting, ck

for each film we will work directly with the Linear Finance team to ensure we are staying under budget, and on-brand. we will not be paid until the successful delivery of the video. we will be paid after each video is delivered.

times are our best estimates and may be subject to change. our partnership with the Linear Team will ensure we are honest and producing films in the best interests of Linear Finance.


lets try asap

If you upload the company name and reference report, it will be more supported.
Let’s make ourselves known through Crypto influencer!
It can imitate the effect of listing on the exchange.
Benchmark DAO innovation proposals from other defi projects
Let’s use DAO funds.


Hey Community!
Id like to quick comment on the esthetic, there have been a lot of questions.

Our plan is to use a lot of screen recordings in conjunction with voice over, motion graphics, text, charts, and screenshots. Timeless and straight to the point. Mixing the Coinbase Asset tutorial video vibe with with real world use, POV feel. Staying elegant, but still Techy. All assets will be created in the image of Linear Finance or using linear assets.




I tried to find the company and could not locate it online, please provide a link.
What is the track record, how big is the company, how long has the company been around, are there any examples of completed work?

How competitive are the prices - can we have a comparison to another company?

I am also unclear what happens after the videos have been created, i.e. what happens when there is a update to the code, logic or user interface. Is there a commitment to update the videos to reflect these changes? Would that be a additional charge?


thanks for the questions!

I tried to find the company and could not locate it online, please provide a link.

this is a brand new entity created by passionate linear supporters who want to see the project reach new levels of potential

What is the track record, how big is the company, how long has the company been around, are there any examples of completed work?

the team is comprised of professionals with decades of experience in marketing and project management. the core team is currently two, but that does not include the large amount of skill-specific contractors we have available for our efforts.

we started a youtube channel to upload the videos (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZhMqr0At3fK70uEy1S1M7g), and you can see our intro video and a quick example of how the integration might look. @CK_Linear_Council discusses how the videos will look here: ℓPIP: "Welcome to Delta One Studios" - #13 by CK_Linear_Council

How competitive are the prices - can we have a comparison to another company?

professional videos are expensive. we have set our prices below what an outsider group might charge to create similar videos.

I am also unclear what happens after the videos have been created, i.e. what happens when there is a update to the code, logic or user interface. Is there a commitment to update the videos to reflect these changes? Would that be a additional charge?

once the videos are created we will work with a dev to embed the videos directly into the linear dapps. our goal is to create “timeless” videos that will be relevant for years. if there was a major change that made a video obsolete then we would have to discuss the correct procedure for updating.

we are long-time linear supporters and active participants in the linear ecosystem, so we believe we have a unique understanding of how to create videos that supplement the dapps and will withstand the passage of time. we promise to partner very closely with the core linear team to ensure that we are meeting their exceptions and delivering quality, professional video that will provide new users with an easy on-boarding process.

thanks for the questions

quick update: currently chatting with the team a bit about this proposal and ironing out some details



Where are with that?
I think it would be useful to also have a video explaining the impact of roll over rewards to total rewards.


hey crumbi - still working with the team to iron out the details about this proposition. i think that your idea is worth mentioning in the discussion about rewards!



Thanks for the update.


we continue to work with the team on our proposition

these take a little time. we want to be certain we have the full support of the team before we go to DAO vote



hey everyone!

happy to report that we have come to agreement with the team. here is our updated “one-pager”.

please let us know if you have questions! :smiley:

submitting our snapshot very soon!