LC Nomination: Sam – The French DeFi Wizard

Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce myself, I’m Sam, a 28 y/o french dude and an OG day one LINA hodler.

My journey in crypto space began in late 2016 when I put a few bucks into BTC and ETH. Curiosity led me to this shady environment where I had everything to learn, so I started with the basics, acquiring some knowledge about history of money and finance by reading books/documentations, did my baby steps into trading and of course made mistakes…

My first touch with DeFi was with Maker (MKR) in late 2017, then some PoS-based blockchains like EOS or TOMO. I missed Synthetix (named Havven back in the days), but fortunately stumbled on Linear in summer 2020. After reading the whitepaper and digging some time, I knew it was a no-brainer to me. Luckily, I was fast enough to grab my place during the public sale, and then DCAing for a few months to make a decent bag.

In the meantime, Linear Team proposed me to be an admin on Telegram and helping people with all sorts of issues they might encounter, I was honored and worked with them for 8 months. Then I did some graphic stuff to make roadmaps, comparison boards, Twitter/Medium banners, memes, contests for the community, managed the wildish Trading Channel, translated website in French, made some shills on Twitter like the #SwitchToLINA one etc etc.

That being said, I strongly believe we could become an example in the DeFi space if the DAO is well led, and to achieve so, we need to make our community the focus of attention. Giving them the ability to vote for a supply burn, restructuration of LINA rewards system, hiring some Key Opinion Leaders or adding some new functionalities will definitely make them more implied into the project.

As a Linear Council Member, I would propose my services as DeFi Lead as I am digging pretty much every day in that space. Scalability and solutions for web3.0, decentralized clouding systems, insurance for DeFi, rebirth of privacy coins… are narratives I keep a close eye on atm. I could eventually be Community Lead as I’ve been since day one very close to our mates.

You can find me on Telegram/Twitter under @DjyKah.

Thanks for your time!


Nice move…your plans are really good for the linear community. I think the token burn would be really needed.
You’ve my support.


Hi Sam,
I wish you good luck with your application.
It feels good to read that there are such dedicated people in our community. This gives confidence and will be important for the long term growth of this project! I hope more people as you are hidden within our community. Good luck and my full support.


Sam is a really good dude. I’ve liked him from day 1 as I have been here from the start as well. He has always tried his best to help the community and would be a great representative for all of us.


Hi Sam, best of luck with your application! The community will be lucky to have you. You have my full support.