LC Nomination: JP

Hello all,
Pleased to announce that I will be looking to remain on the LC for the upcoming epoch 3.
This last epoch has been a tumultuous time for crypto in general, and from an outsiders viewpoint it may seem that not a lot has been happening in the Linear ecosystem.
I understand some of the frustrations of getting things done, particularly around the Linear exchange and LUSD peg.
That said as an ecosystem, we have been growing and I think the launch of ATHOS has showcased the intentions and forward thinking of the Linear team.
From a DAO stance, things have slowed down a bit and we certainly need more engagement and noise moving into this 3rd epoch.
The opportunities moving into this next epoch will be to further increase community engagement with the DAO via the newsletter and twitter spaces and socials over all, more partnership proposals, to continue to oversee the exchange development, increase user base of the Linear exchange, keep building an exclusive DeFi protocol that sets us apart in the next bull market.
If I remain on the LC I will continue to seek out relevant partnerships and work with the community to oversee the changes in the exchange that we all want to see, and so that we can increase the userbase and usage of the Linear exchange.

Good luck all.

Please vote to keep me on the LC here:


Good Luck sir, make it count! :slight_smile:


Ready for E4, I think this will be the best to date. Exciting times ahead!

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