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Hello Community!

The fourth epoch is upon us. I am a long-time LINA investor and supporter. I have been on the DOA counsel since the inception and am asking for your support / vote to continue on doing this great work.

I am an independent entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience of managing multiple successful marketing-focused businesses. As a business owner I have real-world experience in managing finances and disciplined accounting practices. I am a skilled project manager, content creator and brand developer, and want to share my marketing insights with the team.

I am excited to continue representing the community through the DAO, and to stay engaged helping guide the protocol as it develops. We are in really exciting times with some epic upgrades coming on the horizon. The sky’s the limit!

Thank you for your support!


Im truly an early investor in lina. And honestly very little has changed since the early days. I requested commodities and oil to be traded on the exchange and still this is not done. Lina is not making progress and all the exciting new features are mainly UI changes or p ratio lowerings. I believe liba had great potential but kevin dropped everything in thr hands of the DAO and since then nothing happened. So reveal the new features or updates that are coming as we investors deserve to know this. Honestly speaking about and promising these ‘exciting’ new features without actual proof of facts will make me pull out of lina once the tokens are being released from staking. And im sure im nog the only one thinking that way. The project will slowly fade away im afraid if no new tradables are added to the exchange


Agreed, nothing gets done, the team just gaslight and talk hopium of what is to become, when nothing happens - “We Building Bro”, or “Stay Tuned” has been said now for 2 years.

The DAO is also useless, more like DOA…and anybody who was in it has done, 0, lets get real here.

All it has to show for it is turning the the p-ratio down to 400 over a course of 2 years and a crypto punk which nobody wants, this was supposed to rival SNX???

Milestones and big promises missed pretty much since inception, all these people getting voted in, is the same people before. What will change? Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, sign of something…oh yes madness.

Nobody wanted/asked for Chaotic Finance or Athos, this was supposed to be built on Linear as it was stipulated from the start, now we are going full circle and merging??? the 3 projects as multi-collateral…sigh.

The pure an utter neglect on this project is crazy, im suprised CZ hasn’t said anything to this team…really, as this is on all major exchanges, yet its down 99% from ATH.
Any early investors just watched the price evaporate after Binance listing, only person trading it now is a market maker on Binance, churning the volume so it doesn’t delist.

Lina is a dead exchange, with nobody using it, with very little, to almost no users. Tickers have been the same for 2 years, I think they have added maybe 5 - 7 in a span of 2 years out of the 1000’s of options, also these have broken or had trades reversed or not reflecting the graph for months on end, imagine this on any other exchange, where you can’t trade a ticker cause its broken, not for a day, for months???

Margin trading literally is 1x with just btc and eth, what happened to the promises of leverage???

Marketing is dead, twitter is basically on no replies, people just going “Scam”, cause lets get real, who wouldn’t at this point.
The discord has 0 community as the team couldn’t give 2 fks what you say or really engage at all, seems everyone bought yachts after the last bull run and went sailing like the project.

Telegram is a bit more lively, but again, talking about what some moves from the market maker pushing price up from 0.002, yikes.

I was a big advocate for all of this and really believed that Lina had a chance, just to be proven wrong time and time again. The team obviously don’t give a shit, as they have obviously made bank. If you try and engage or ask what is happening, you just get met with gaslighting, if at all anything, or people who have used Lina for a day thinking its FUD.

This project needs a whole rework to survive, this isn’t fud, this is reality.
So yeah, enjoy my rant, but this is where we are with this project.
it is sad.


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