LC Nomination: Ant

Greetings fellow humans!

It is me, Ant.

You might know me from Telegram, where I am your local friendly Linear Exchange Community ̶r̶u̶l̶e̶r̶ admin! I’ve been running the LEC for almost a year now (May 18th is 1year birthday whoop)

Why join the Linear Council? As a daily active member on Telegram (and soon Discord) I have a good feel of “what’s up”, I know my way around the community and have hosted AMA’s with Kevin in Telegram :sunglasses:.

I’d like to help brainstorm ideas and features, find creative solutions and be part of the team spearheading the effort of bringing them to life. I might also create a meme / joke on occasions.

I’ve been a Linear supporter and holder for over a year now, a weekly claimer and debt optimizer! I’m well familiar with how it all works :slightly_smiling_face: I entered the cryptosphere in late 2016 and I’ve seen a lot. I’ve been active in a bunch of groups, ranging from ICO phase castles in the clouds that never went anywhere to projects that have kept building and delivering and are still around. Seen it all :D.

I’m a firm believer in how Linear Finance works, where it’s heading and want to commit to help bring this project to the point it deserves to be.


Hello Ant, nice to see you here buddy! We could definitely use a keen worker Ant like you :wink:
Good luck with your nomination.
*Fellow humans?