LC Nomination; JP / The Defi Diplomat

Hi there Linear community, its with pleasure that I introduce myself and throw my name into the hat for the chance to become a member of the very first Linear Council!

My name is JP, or Jean-Paul to be exact. I’m 42 years of age and live in the foothills of Snowdonia in North Wales, though I am originally from London and have only recently re located here.

I left the rat race earlier this year and now run a hospitality business consultancy, I’m a chef by trade.
I am just embarking on a project to aid a local, community led pub and hotel set up its catering operations and I am also setting up North Wales’ first Chef and hospitality academy to open up early in 2022.

My passion now is in training and helping educate others, as you can see from my day job this is very much at the forefront of what I do. My other passion, apart from sport, is of course Blockchain technology and I think there is a massive opportunity in educating the masses to the intricacies and benefits of crypto.
This is something I would love to get involved in and also what I would bring to the Linear team and council, a desire to help educate and promote DEFI and crypto to people in general.

DEFI protocols to me are the forefathers of a digital and financial revolution that has the power to not only change the world for the better but to allow everyone from all walks of life to experience exponential wealth. No longer will we need barriers to entry that allow only the elite to prosper.
We are very early in this revolution and I believe firmly that we have the opportunity to build on these foundations for a movement that can topple the current draconian social and economic systems that plague our world; exciting times.

I have been involved with Crypto since 2015 when I first started buying into BTC, whilst I’m no Bitcoin whale I have always believed in the potential of cryptocurrencies and its great to see BTC being more widely adopted and being seen as a greater store of value than gold by many.
I have been involved in Linear finance since late 2020 and have not looked back, LINA is now 35% of my portfolio so its success is very important to me.
Also, I am the admin of the ‘OG’ Linear TG group now called Linear Investment Community, however I am not sure how much weight this lends to my nomination, rather more of a hinderance as that group has become a wild outpost of OG investors, good fun though.

In terms of what I can bring to the party, whilst I’m a bit of a wild card entry, I’m the eternal diplomat. In my work I am always negotiating with directors and boards, essentially major stakeholders and always trying to get to the best solutions for all involved.
This for me is what would make for a great council member!

Look forward to getting involved in the DAO in some way, shape or form.
All the best, JP


Hey JP, glad to see you there! I wish you all the best with your entry, I agree that we are still ridiculously early in that space and I’m pretty sure you’ll be helpful to our ecosystem/community with your experience. :pray: