How many members can join the Linear Council (LC)

I am a candidate for the linear council myself. However I saw that a change was made to the number of members that could join the Linear Council.

As mentioned in previous communication the Council would exist out of (max) 7 members.

However for the second epoch they decided that the council would only exist out of 5 Members.

I was wondering who made this decision. There are now 6 Candidates instead of 4 in the previous election. Which is a positive evolution. It is good that more people are interested in becoming part of the council. While also the community is growing.
However I do not understand why the would lower the number of members that could join.

I have looked at the different candidates and they are motivated 1 by 1 to take up a role in the system.
So why would we lower the number. In my opinion it is better to have more motivated people who could help on the development of the project. It also gives greater support within the community and also ensures more transparency.

I would keep the number of possible members on 7 for the moment!
I was wondering what your thoughts are on this and maybe arguments to lower this number if this is your opinion


  • 7 Members
  • 5 Members

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Hey Semi, not sure if you’ve had clarification on this through another channel, but just in case I’ll respond now on here.
We decided to shoot for 5 LC members this epoch as we found in the initial phase of the DAO that 7 members to be too many for the workload, that 5 would be the ideal number of members to share the current workload.
This was announced, as you noted above, a week before the snapshot was released, it would look like bad practice to now change the rules midway through a vote so we need to keep it as is.
I think for sure that in the following epoch we will require the full compliment of 7 LC members as we organically grow through the phases of our DAO.


As you can see most people prefer a bigger Council. What I could perfectly understand.
We want to move forward with this project and I hope the workload on this project will only grow.

The original number was max 7 and I would not see an unambiguous argument to change this.
The community wants transparency and I am sure that it would ad value to work with more Council members rather then dropping this number.

In my opinion a lot of work has to be done and with DAO online a lot of this work has to be done by the community represented by council members. So I am 100% sure it is better to keep this number on 7.

The DAO is not set yet. So it is still possible to keep this number… Not a very big thing…

Maybe it is a good Idea to discuss this within the council board and keep us informed by for exemple tomorrow.

I am happy to launch a snapshot considering this issue. As it is important to the protocol in my opinion. We should not downsize on the moment we need to give everything we have!

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