About the Linear Council Candidate Nomination category

Community members can nominate their favorite candidates for the Linear Council.

First Election

  1. There will be a three-week period for community members to nominate any members by creating a forum topic
  • Title: “LC Nomination: {LC role} - {candidate name} - {summary line}”
  • Content
    • Who - Brief introduction
    • What - Contribution to Community (Past & Future)
    • How - Relevant Skills or Background on how to drive DAO and Linear to greater success
    • Any other related campaign pitching material or info
  1. By the end of the nomination period, a “ℓIP: Linear Council Election” will be created by the pDAO to gather the top nominations from the forum (by topic likes) as voting choices.

  2. Voters will then proceed to vote on Snapshot.

  3. By the end of the voting period, the top 7 voted candidates will become the LC members.

  4. The pDAO will announce the LC in a blog post and introduce the LC members to the community.


At the end of each epoch (2 weeks prior), the LC President would host the re-election process and nominations would be opened to the community. By the end of the nomination period, the President will gather the top 8 new nominations from the forum and together with the existing 7 LC members to form the 15 voting choices of the Linear Council proposition.