100 LINA to the First 100 Users

Why not give some bonus LINA to the first 100 users who join this community?! Also, I can’t add anything to “optional tags”.


You can’t create a new tag?

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yeah, it was blank also post must be 20 characters

Yooooooohooooooo. Ok fellahs let’s get this DAO going!

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Let’s keep Dao going!!!

I agree CAP! 100 LINA for the first 100!

Oh, I’m really looking forward to Dao. This web is intuitive, but it’s too engineering style. I wish it was a cuter or more sophisticated web!

How many users are there yet? Am I in time? :sweat_smile:

Good job team!! Let get it start

Good job Team, let’s get on with this DAO :grinning:

ooga booga and onward!!!

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Now that’s a great idea!

… let’s start with Linear DAO

I am ready and I am wondering what will happen go go go