Voting process and cubic wieghting explained

Voting Power, Type & Weighting

Voting on a ℓIP/ℓLP does not require $LINA holders to spend $LINA tokens as it is conducted off-chain via Snapshot with voting power determined by the amount of $LINA tokens held (available, staked and locked) at the time the Snapshot proposal goes up for voting.

The voting power of each voter (wallet) is subject to cubic weighting to reduce the influence of large balance holders (whales).

vLINA = Voting power = (A + B + C)^(1/3), A + B + C >= 1,000 $LINA

A. $LINA available in the wallet
B. $LINA staked via Buildr
C. $LINA rewards claimed and locked

10 1,000
21.54 10,000
36.84 50,000
79.37 500,000

A proposition is deemed viable and “Approved” to move on for LC and pDAO’s evaluation if:

  • The total voting power of all voters hits the minimum voting quorum

    • Minimum voting quorum = 5% of total staked LINA amount in the Linear ecosystem excluding the amount staked by the Linear Foundation (available via Linear Dashboard - total LINA staking * LINA staked by users)
  • And gets the relative majority of votes (>50.1%) on Snapshot