Proposition Process & Status Changes

The complete Proposition Process and any Status Changes for the Linear DAO is described in the table below:

# Status Description
1 Draft i) Proposer to create a ℓPIP/ ℓPLP forum topic to facilitate community discussion and gain sentiments from the community in order to enrich the propositions before submitting as ℓIP
2 Propose i) Proposer is recommended to gain >20 like of the ℓPIP/ ℓPLP forum topic before proceeding to propose phase. ii) Proposer to create a ℓIP on Snapshot according to the proposition guideline
3 Vote Pending i) Voters that meet the balance requirements vote within the voting period - sign message on Snapshot
4A Approved i) Proposition must gain relative majority (>50.1%) at the end of voting period and hits the minimum voting quorum to be considered as “Approved” and will move to “Evaluate” phase for final evaluation among LC and pDAO. ii) For each approved proposition, the LC will create a topic on the forum and tag it accordingly so community members can easily follow the status of the proposition after evaluation
4B Rejected i) Proposition gains relative minority at the end of voting period is considered to be rejected. ii) Proposer can appeal the proposition by altering any details and re-raise a ℓPIP/ ℓPLP
5 Evaluate i) LC and pDAO will conduct a final evaluation of the approved proposition and conduct a voting. ii) The LC and pDAO must reach an agreement (for all present attendees of the evaluation) before moving to council planning or vetoed status. iii) LC would need to publish the following on the forum after the evaluation of an approved proposition - Meeting minutes - Final decision: Council Planning or Vetoed (see below statuses for corresponding details)
6A i) Council Planning Proposition is agreed by all attendees after evaluation. ii) LC will communicate the following details in addition to the meeting minutes and final decision after evaluation: - Timeline and Linear Roadmap Prioritization - Grant or Rewards allocation - Assigned project squad (Project Lead and Tech Lead)
6B i) Vetoed Proposition is vetoed after evaluation and a mutual consensus ii) LC needs to provide the detailed reasons via forum so that the proposer and community are well aware and can improve the proposition in the future
7 Implemented i) Proposition is implemented and launched to users. ii) LC to update the forum topic and Linear Marketing Team to announce the new feature/change via new feature blogpost (if applicable)
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