ℓTSLA: To list Tesla (TSLA)

To list Tesla (TSLA) Liquid on Linear Exchange.

This proposal will look to list TSLA Liquid on Linear Exchange. The implementation of this proposal will mean that the pair ℓTSLA/ℓUSD will be available to trade for Linear Exchange users.

Putting aside how we may personally feel for Elon, there’s no denying that Tesla stock has been a fantastic performer over the years and drives a lot of hype. We would be able to use the Tesla listing in social media marketing pushes to bring in new traders. I’ve seen a lot of people request the addition of stocks to the platform. What better first stock to list than Tesla?

Edit: Sam has brought up a good point about this maybe not being the optimal time to list Telsa. Do you think it’s better to wait until we have a larger user base and can make a bigger splash? Maybe we start with Apple or Amazon and save Tesla? What do you all think?


Fantastic idea, stocks will bring lots of users to lina

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good good me like bring those stonks here … Tesla is well known :boom:


Not the right timing imho, we don’t have enough attention yet to do this kind of listing, in these conditions, this could have very low to 0 impact on LINA.
Let’s keep big stocks listings for when we’ll get more mature, we should focus on improving the protocol, and do some regular crypto listing atm.


Interesting take and I definitely see your point. Tesla is the most easily hyped stock… maybe we should wait until we have a larger user base / more exposure before dropping that bomb. Maybe we should add a less hyped, but quality stock first like Apple or Amazon?

Does anyone know if any of our competitors have stock derivatives yet? Would we be first to market?

Thanks for your input Sam!


I think its important to add some hyped stocks to get more interest.
I mean saying it is not the right moment is not correct. We need hyped stocks to get more interest in the tradig platform and so we will get more investors.
The platform will never be perfect. But its good now.
We do not need to wait for more investors, as they will not come if we do not evolve.


As you can see on the dashboard. People are investing in the more risky products.
Not so much in gold or safe haven. I was thinking to add ETF’s. But thats not what we need.
For this trading platform people are looking for risky opportunities to beat the average. So they can make profit while staking.

So for the actual users of the platform today, we would need stocks which make big swings( up, down it does not matter) I like to call them kangaroo stocks. So I think Tesla could be a good one.
It will keep making this big swings! good foor trading :wink:

This is just my opinion ofcourse :slight_smile:


As much I would like to see stocks on the Linear platform, as high are the potential risks due to regulation issues in countries like the US with Goldman Garry from the SEC who tries to protect his guys at wallstreet and protect population from making money. It would be a high uncertainty if this would help or harm the project, unfortunately.