ℓPLP: To list Xangle Crypto 30 Index (X30)

Summary: To list Xangle Crypto Top 30 Index Liquid on Linear Exchange.

Abstract: This proposal will look to list Xangle Crypto Top 30 Index Liquid on Linear Exchange. The implementation of this proposal will mean that the pair ℓX30/ℓUSD will be available to trade for Linear Exchange users.

Rationale: With the recent news that ℓXBCI and ℓXLCI will be discontinued from Xangle, means they will also be delisted from Linear Exchange. Xangle Crypto Top 30 Index (ℓX30) is a no brainer to replace ℓXBCI and ℓXLCI on Linear Exchange. (Ref: Important Update Regarding ℓXBCI and ℓXLCI | by Linear Finance | Linear Finance | Mar, 2022 | Medium)

Xangle Crypto Top 30 Index is a crypto benchmark index of Xangle, calculated based on the market cap of the top 30 crypto assets. Find more info on Xangle Crypto Top 30 like components, weighting and performance here: https://xangle.io/en/indices?slug=X30

Xangle is a Singapore-incorporated company led by a group of professionals of data technology, investment, research, and crypto professionals. Xangle is in a unique position as one of the leaders in aggregating vital information about blockchain projects in the crypto industry which is active 24/7, and which calls no nation its home. Regulators and private entities alike can reference the data provided by Xangle for investigations, investment due diligence, and various other uses.

Chainlink BSC Price Oracle Address: N/A

Snapshot: Snapshot


100% support. index listings should be our priority on exchange.


Snapshot link has been added, vote will start on 26/03 12AM UTC.

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Nice work all, another no brainer.
Total 46 voters accounted for 4.2k vLina, 100% to the YES…


thanks for the update. nice work everyone

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I don’t like the low participation rate.
Is it possible to do the following as incentives

  • earn Lina when placing your vote perhaps every other vote not every time
  • receive Lina reward when you receive a certain badge on discord
  • receive Lina reward when creating a proposal and it successfully voted on

Etc, some ideas

  1. Agree to use unclaimed compensation
    And the dao fund, determining the allocation of stakers
  2. Voting
  3. Execute your opinion with the dao fund token
    Let’s invite them to participate
    I totally agree

First, vote for number 1
Next, detail no.3
That’s my personal opinion

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Good Idea @Crumbi, lack of people reacting if I can say none compared to numbers on discord, telegram, twitters, no support from the community everywhere (expect twitter :joy:)

What each DAO members boards are working at right now ? @JPR @Sam @Captain_Trips_Linear
Would be great to have some summary for transparency and post what they do on twitter or not if nothing to share, just some thoughts.

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