Pyth Network Oracles for Synthetix Perps

  • Synthetix asset is biggest thing in bear market. But i know that synthetix asset never gets adoptions due to oracle/price feed.
    I recommend Lina uses Pyth Oracles.

  • Using Pyth = giving chance for biggest trading firms in the world doing business on Linear exchange.
    Publishers | Pyth Network , your team could check the publishers here. Pyth is institutional defi infras project

Pyth proposal on SNX.



This looks interessting.
We could launch more commodities and maybe even some equities.

It looks like we have price delays on the exchange this days.
So maybe this could be a solution.

I hope someone of the core team could take a look and give some feedback!


hey @Bowser_LinearFinance

what are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for sharing, will definitely take a look at this.