About the Preliminary Improvement Proposition category

ℓPIP will serve the purpose of gauging the sentiment of a proposed change on Linear Finance.

Linear Improvement Propositions are submitted by any members of the community and first have to go through the Linear Preliminary Improvement Proposition phase (why you’re here!).

The format for each Linear Improvement Proposition should be as follows:

  • Title (One liner)
  • Abstract*
  • Motivation*
  • Specification*
  • Rationale*
  • Choices (For and Against)*
  • User Impact
  • Caveats
  • Reference Implementation
  • Grant Amount & Breakdown
  • Snapshot block number (For ℓIP)*

*Mandatory information

  • Choices: Yes/No
  • Voting type: Single choice voting with cubic weighting
  • Start date & End date: 3 days