Please, gas fees reductions to claim reward and stake

Hi everyone
I see that gas fees to build LUSD and claim rewards is expensive. This has prevented people with little Lina token to build LUSD.
Now, we need more and more people to build LUSD including small volume.
If we reduce gas fees, more people stake Lina to build LUSD, and more holder, more stable LUSD.
Sorry about ny bad English.


My position is same!
The fees are extremely high! On start we are loosed lot of eth’s, now we loosing bnb’s
Please reduce the fees

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Linear is not in control of the gas fees, those are determined by the network, same as on Ethereum.


in this case: optimize the contract code

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I can assure you the devs are aware of this and have made optimizations from time to time. However, if you have insights in how to further optimize, please submit a formal proposal and you can post to Github too.

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