Reward Claiming Optimization

I see there are already a couple improvement proposal requests here, but I feel like they aren’t being taken seriously, maybe because the solutions offered aren’t complete. I believe that a new reward system should be implemented to optimize the potential financial gain and participation of buildrs within the ecosystem.
Personally, I feel that one of the very first steps here, would be to allow biweekly collection of rewards, meaning that those who wish to compound their rewards still have the option to claim each wednesday on the dot, but others with smaller stakes who are losing financially due to gas fees, have the option for their rewards to combine and be claimable within a single transaction! I understand that any longer than two weeks and participants may stray further and further away from the required p ratio and maybe that’s why rewards expire after two weeks, but anyone who can recommend some sort of strategy to optimize the p ratio system while also allowing rewards to stack together for longer periods of time and be claimable in a single transaction, please do!
It just doesn’t make sense for me to claim right now considering gas fees. If i am missing the point, or some overarching reason why this improvement wouldn’t work, please let me know!

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Hi Brickboi

I think you have some good ideas. I don’t know if people aren’t taking it seriously, but it’s more of the fact that you’re a little early in this process. The application for Linear Council just closed, so there is still need to finalize the leadership representation of this DAO.

Additionally, I’d encourage you to use discord and telegram to encourage LINA stakeholders to get on this forum and support your proposals. This is a community effort, and we need people to help spread the word that the forum is active.




Good to see you here Brickboi and value your thoughts. Soon the LC will be officially elected and the process of submitting proposals will start.

I would advise you and anyone considering on submitting a proposal to follow the format in the pinned message.