Burn 🔥 x2 with LUSD Reward Buy Back

Reduce Max supply as much as possible or a percentage like 75% of what’s burnable leave the rest for the DAO and burn the weekly’s. All LUSD rewards should go to buy back Lina on the open market and put into DAO treasury or back to the staking.


hey oz

just curious, what would be the end goal of this proposition? just to increase the per token price?

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What’s up man. This was Initially a response to @ark comment in the burn topic. I replied to what he said and posted it out here to see if it would get any traction. Create better Tokenomics. Reduce the total supply in a way that would be healthy. When I’m talking about burn the weekly’s or a percentage I’m talking about the no claims. If there are better ideas of what we could do with the 1-2 billion please let me know. I’m all for the success of the the project. I haven’t heard yet or read of any incredible ideas of what else we can do.


[Just a heads up Niko, for the sake of organization and trying to nail down ideas we all agree on I’m trying to move burn discussion here – Let's Discuss: Burn Baby Burn]