The Linear Finance Hierarchy of Priorities

  1. Strong peg
  2. Tokenomics
  3. Marketing
  4. Unique financial products non crypto like currencies, commodities, exotic option…
  5. 1 AMA per month with lead dev or Kévin with what’s going on and let user give some thoughts for improvements and letting them more implicated
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I agree with the list of priorities, great summary

On a more general note, I would say the most impactful action must come from the team/developers. It’s the same with all systems, software etc. The community can be utilised, incentivised and encouraged to support various initiatives but it’s the founders/devs/team who can drive real change with their resources, experience, expertise and even the treasury using whatever funds have been allocated for development, marketing etc. I think our community is constantly looking to the team primarily to solve these problems and evolve the protocol.

So as legacy has mentioned above, monthly AMAs with Kevin and co would be extremely beneficial in bouncing ideas back and forth, exploring what’s feasible, and getting updates on what is being worked on. We have a roadmap yes but it’s high level and doesn’t get updated that often which is understandable. However some transparency into more specific things would be good. I guess we can trawl GitHub but is there any whiteboard or task list that can be made available?

Community-led initiatives can work, but they need better signposting and probably a juicy reward to get them going…but it could be a good way to attract new users and also allow existing ones to contribute directly


Please add update to user interface for better user experience.


this is a great suggestion. what specifically would you want to see improved?

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Why there’s no incentive like top trader (per week) who trade lxag or lxau or anything else on linear or chaotic and can win 5% more for their next staking rewards (example if I earn 1000lina each week so I can win 1050), even for losers 0.1% just for their participation (maybe those rewards Can Come from unclaimed rewards) or anything else program to attract and make active user ?
Of course having a dashboard to see winners, rankings


here are my suggestions

  1. add a description for each pair
    It would be helpful if there is some information for all coins and not only selected once. In any case, information should be displayed on the same page and not on a separate one when clicking on the button.

  2. Buy pair without having LUSD in your wallet
    I would find it useful to use any coin in my wallet to buy, e.g. lBNB. The conversion could be done in the background using pancakeswap. I think this would make it very accessible to inexperienced users.

  3. Spot history
    I don’t think that there is enough information. I can not see the price I bought the pair and the price I sold it for, i.e. why can I not see my win or loss? Why can I not download my history into excel?

  4. Exchange
    It does not work on the phone. I can not connect to my wallet.

  5. add the ability to define stop loss etc
    it looks to me that I can only buy at the market price but can not place orders at a specific price.

  6. Notification
    can we add the ability to get a notification when a defined price is hit?


I also think finding a way to incentivize using the exchange would help to increase the numbers.


hi community!

loving all the ideas and suggestions. want to keep this open for our community to continue to contribute. i will be developing a roadmap of priorities and goals based on this feedback. i intend to use this information to help inform our strategic decisions, so please contribute your thoughts!


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Here’s my suggestions:

Need social media pros.
Youtube videos with AMAs with Kevin.
Reducing supply with burning.
Wider staking options and with more exchange.
Wider OS support for phones.


Crumbi !
-Spot History is a great suggestion, and I think necessary
-Limit/Stop Orders / 100% would love to see that as well

super_fly !
-We are working on a burn mechanism, agreed
-I also love the Idea of creating more staking options

Keep up the ideas, all!!! It feels like we should be at a consensus soon with some solid propositions that sound manageable enough for dev to execute.


Hey all, loving the thread here, great that we can get some kind of road map together so we can better organise our thoughts and thus proposals moving forward.

My 2 cents on how a roadmap for DAO led change might look;

I’m all for getting the exchange all boosted up and looking top draw first of all. I think this is the basis of helping in all other areas, such as lUSD liquidity and LINA token price in particular.
The more people we can attract to the exchange the better so I think working on this as follows will be a good basis for our DAO to work from.

  • Increase liquids, more crypto!
  • Then we need more USP, as mentioned before, people can trade crypto anywhere but commodities and indices for example, normally have more barriers to entry. That said I still think we need more liquid crypto assets.
  • Staking liquids and or doing LPs with these liquid assets? That would be cool.
  • Enhance the perpetual options on exchange, we can only 1x BTC and ETH right now? In other words more shorting options.
  • I think Crumbi, above, sums up some nice UI/UX points that should also be considered, in particular the ability to see at what price you bought and sold spot positions.

Once we get the exchange on steroids, I think then we can go for it on the marketing side of things and a potential trader competition, for example.
This marketing would also include protocol demonstrations for new users to solve the issue with people not knowing what to do in our ecosystem.

  1. Peg, burn, unclaimed rewards
    I’m in favour of the ‘Peg Protection Pot’ (PPP)!
    Funds used from the DAO treasury and/or unclaimed rewards to help maintain peg and if peg is all good then these funds can be used to increase liquidity of lUSD/BUSD thus reinforcing the strength of the peg.
    PLEASE NOTE - this is a fairly quick win that could be done sooner rather than later if consensus is found, whilst above is a larger body of work therefore, whilst this is number 2 on my list it can probably be done sooner its just secondary in my opinion to above in terms of priority for the protocol.

  2. LINA single staking option, allow users to stake with time lock up options to help decrease LINA circulating supply.

  3. DAO partnerships and treasury use cases.
    Moving forward I would like to lead the way in helping to cement relevant partnerships in the Defi and Crypto world to help spread the work and word of Linear Finance.
    We could also use treasury funds to yield profits to help our ecosystem in creative and innovative ways, led by the community. This is what DeFi is all about for me!

Things like updated tokenomics and funds for new devs are just givens as far as I am concerned, so not really part of a roadmap.

Peace all.


Hey guys, great topic & ideas so far, here is my sight on how we should be starting:

#1 – Find a consensus on how we should reallocate unclaimed rewards
A subject that has been discussed past weeks, where we seem to struggle finding a consensus. In my opinion this is the number 1 concern of the moment, I’m still in favor for a burn/DAO/stakers split. Should be our first IP.

#2 – Increasing liquidity on LUSD/BUSD LP
It goes in pair with #1 as DAO funds collected from unclaimed rewards will serve to increase the pool and achieve a strong peg over time.

#3 – LINA Single Staking Option
Letting people the choice of staking LINA within our protocol instead of not using them at all, with 3, 6 and 12 months lock. It’s a good addition/alternative to a burn mechanism as it will remove LINA from circulation for a certain time. We would also use DAO funds from unclaimed rewards to put this in place.

#4 – Better Exchange UX
Like Captain said, I also want to see more UNIQUE liquid listings, it’s time to propose more indexes & commodities. The overall interface is good, but as Crumbi said, there is a lack of information regarding the spot history (i.e. you only see the amounts of liquids you traded, but not at what prices), I would also add more tabs that redirects to Buildr/Dashboard. And of course increasing its stability as it has been literally unusable pretty often.

#5 – Educational content
In fact we already have educational series in our medium page, it could be #1 in the list as it would be pretty straight forward to add a category to our main website UI, and make it pretty simple for users to find their way around. Maybe creating a dedicated YouTube channel for educational videos…

#6 – Marketing
Once we got all of the above put in place, boom we pay more shills, Key Opinion Leaders, we start making contests and strategic partnerships to get more people involved in our ecosystem.


Total Supply 10,000,000,000

Supply ↑
Demand ↓

Our total supply is damn high over well known tokens and demand is not much. We need fix this.

What about posting all medium guides etc to also reddit? There’s even no official linear finance community there.


I think JPRs suggestions are about bang on

  1. LUSD peg is hugely important, please let’s incentivise/subsidise the vault APR using funds from treasury. Massive opportunity to get more users aboard and help with liquidity
  2. List more exotic commodities, cryptos and other indices, I’d like to see new ones added weekly at minimum.
  3. Rewards don’t need changing,.reducing or reallocating as it might upset and disincentivise the majority of users. Think they should stay the same and reward users who maintain healthy p ratio, build debt and claim. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The DAO already has a large treasury
  4. Monthly AMAs with Kevin and team, videos would be nice. The recent chaotic finance ama was 4 questions, all of which were pretty basic stock questions (ie. What is chaotic finance?) with information already released as medium articles. There have been dozens of questions from the community, and as yet, not acknowledged or answered
  5. Team answers to specific questions in general. Countless times I’ve seen questions asked that our lovely admins/moderators simply don’t know the answer to and respond saying they will ask the team. But I never or very rarely see an answer materialise and that communicated back to the community. No doubt Q&A to team members is time consuming but a FAQ could be updated/maintained in one of the discord channels and referred to?
  6. UX/UI improvements would be nice… The exchange should show buy in / sell price and rates at a bare minimum. I’ve asked about this for nearly a year now!
  7. Speed of updates needs to improve, or expectations set, perhaps more transparency about what is being worked on. Back in 2021, there seemed to be more activity and better communication

Im feeling like all these ideas are a consolidation of the consensus from what I am hearing from the community and my personal experience using the platform. Each line would take a separate proposal and vote.

1# Idea for addressing unclaimed rewards potential by using them for growth that moves price by expanding the protocol and growing the community:

My vote would go to address only points that would add considerable value to growing the protocol without taking too much away from the stakers, as the unclaimed rewards do truly belong to them, they are engaging properly with the protocol and maintaining their ratio accordingly, the rewards are theirs. We need to balance that with the fact that all of the LUSD builders and investors also want this protocol to grow to the moon. They are the true participants making Lina function as designed. Here is my idea of practical use of a small portion of the funds. As to basic marketing and education; the DAO has a significant fund designed to help the DAO grow, I think marketing and educational development should come from there, so we don’t need to take any of the unclaimed rewards for that.

25% - to a new bond pool fund:
With what I hear the community wants, I have conceptualized a new single staking tool that I think would grow our community quickly by having some very conservative preset APY staking options that dont obligate the user to the debt pool. This would be a huge incentive and way to participate with users that find it too complicated. I think this would be a considerable advantage and could be done with just 25% of these unclaimed rewards.

Bond Pool Fund Concept explained:
We take 25% of weekly unclaimed rewards that accumulate to be about 10m Lina (25% of 40m) and start pooling them in the a new bond product. A single staking system.
My Pitch and what sounds attractive to me as a user would be both 3 and 6 month bonds.
I say we split it into two products selling $1000 units of LINA at the market price of the bond sale.
50%-3 Month bond yielding a preset APY at purchase of a range between 20% APY or $50 on each 3 month $1000 unit paid in a price fixed amount of Lina at time of purchase
50%-6 Month bond units yielding a preset amount at purchase of 26%APY So 13% or $130 on each $1000 unit paid in a price fixed amount of Lina at time of purchase

Each months Pool would determine the amount of bonds that can be offered for the next month and then could be offered on a set date of each month.

What would the math look like?

Let’s say we have 10 million Lina in this months pool. At today market price of $0.0218 we would have $218,000 in Lina, on the snapshot day. So, we can sell 50% of that in 3month bonds and 6 month bonds.
3 month - $109,000/$50 reward = 2180 3 month Bond Units and holding => 100,000,000 LINA off the market x 3 months of offerings means = 300,000,000 Lina off the market while also increasing TVL by 5.6Mil
6 month - $109,000/$130 reward = 838 6 month Bond Units and holding => 38,500,000 Lina off the market x 6 months of offering = 230,750,000 Lina off the market while also increasing TVL by 5Mil

If we continue to sell out of the bond units we will have added 10.6mil currently in TVL and will have taken 530,000,000 LINA off the market. Circulating supply, as of today is 3,348,140,653. This mechanism would tie up a projected 15.8% of the current circulating supply. I think it would dramatically help drive price up and is a far stronger mechanism than burning to immediately effecting circulation.

& Early selling of the bond product could result in loosing 50% of the bond staking profits and those could cycle back into the next months pool.

& Of Course, Unclaimed rewards do fluctuate with the Market fluctuations as reconciling ratio and claiming can get less incentive in a bear, but then the Bond unit pricing will just fluctuate accordingly.

75% - Goes back to be claimed by stakers:
Nom! Nom!

2# PEG Stabilization by increasing the BUSD-LUSD Liquidity Pool:
I say we vote to barrow 100k in LUSD worth of Lina to add to the liquidity pool to stabilize it. Or LUSD from the Vault!, borrowing but not spending from the considerable DAO fund or even better the LUSD Vault is in our analysis possible and we project that just a 50-100k addition would be effective in helping stabilize things.

3# Upgrading Exchange UX

I invite us to create a proposition and vote to ask the dev to take a deep dive in stability improvements, we can’t be having so many fails on a financial tool, and when there are system issues, I believe they should be communicated to the community, maybe there can be a discord channel just for these system notifications and updates on their progress. Communication is key. Saying its the bcc chain when you can still buy and sell on PCS doesn’t sound like a good excuse for the epic fails in times of need, ie pumps, dumps, rebalancing/claiming day. There needs to be a true improvement to bring integrity to the system.

4# Growing the Community - ie Marketing, Educational Materials, Partnerships, and Key Influencers.

We have some ideas on this coming from what we have heard from the community along with the councils personal experiences using the platform. Expect to see something awesome to address this coming very soon. :wink:

5# Adding commodities and other investment opportunities that exemplify the unique traits of the Linear Finance protocol.

I defer to the investment wizards on this one. To find and create some very unique investment opportunities here. Then the community can simply vote to addd them or not.

6# Launching a Linear Finance Youtube and Reddit Channel

I do love this idea, it could be profound, I say we vote that the Linear Team adds and maintains these channels, if needed, pull from the DAO Treasury fund.


Very good :heart: You have to start everything first.We need experience :heart: Please make it easier to understand, many holders don’t like complicated things!!


Thank you for cool plans!

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  1. Peg lUSD, because it’s the main and central requirement for the whole project. For this it is not only necessary to simply increase the liquidity in volume like @CK_Linear_Council recommends. It’s also important to generate artificial supply and demand accordingly to the current market situation of the liquid exchange. Because if it’s promoted as a stable coin it should not be subject of supply and demand like the discord bot advertises so many times! :wink:

  2. Weekly project updates. As investor I would like to know what’s going on behind the scenes! The current communication through amas and tweets is way better than a year ago. I would like to see more news and more technical informations about what’s going on. I don’t know how the others think about this, but a more transparent communication about achivments, new ideas and possible problems would help to increase the credibility of the project. Don’t know if this is something we can influence by the DAO but I have a feeling, that this is something a lot people in the community would like to see.

  3. Find ways to generate value for the post “insane rewards by inflation era”. The need of unique features / assets which attract users beside those who simply collect high rewards and leave as soon as reward payouts stop.

  4. The usability of the exchange should be increased to match the usability of centralised exchanges like binance. Trading features like stop loss / take profit are very important to attract more inexperienced users and protect them from being rekt. There are a lot of bugs in the price presentation which have to be fixed. Other timeframes and charting abilities would be helpful too. I know it’s a difficult task, because of some limitations of defi. Sorry, but the current state of the exchange feels more like a experimental platform which is far from any realtime experience and great user friendlyness. Not saying it’s bad, it is better than many other exchanges, but it could and should be much better to outerperform all other platforms.

  5. We need a higher lever which projects the value of the project on the price of LINA. If there is demand to use the liquid exchange this should put leveraged demand on LINA which results in price increasing which allows to generate more liquidity for the exchange. At the moment it seems like this works only in the other / wrong direction. This could maybe achieved with some kind of burning mechanism for example.


We’re not much talking about ads but these are important. Google/reddit/youtube ads would be good for moving forward and showing the product to people. For example, 430 million people use Reddit every month and cryto communities very active.

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summary: Hierarchy of Priorities Summary