New flow from GENERAL chat to actual PROPOSAL

I get the feeling that the forum could become a bit messy and disorganised as we add more and more chats to the GENERAL category. Good ideas may become lost.

I propose that we add an extra category in between GENERAL and becoming an actual lPIP and that we re configure the way an idea flows through our forum here from an idea at inception to a properly argued proposal and then to snapshot.

It would go as follows:
An idea comes into the GENERAL chat in the normal way. I think we should put a time cap or maybe a reply and discussion quota on the idea here so we can gage if it gets enough steam. Perhaps any chats here that have no action for 2 weeks get shelved?

Once an idea shows promise it gets elevated to a new category, (l)RFF or Request for Feedback. This is where the DAO council review the motion, check viability and that it meets final requirements to become a proposal. Further discussion may take place such as how the proposal might look.This should not take longer than a few days.

Now, if approved and OK’d at RFF it gets put into a succinct lPIP by the creator of the initial idea and/or with the help of the DAO council. Normal rules apply here for the lPIP to get a final go over by the community before going to snapshot, this should also not take long as all the discussion will have taken place at RFF, however we may need to discuss how the proposal goes to snapshot, for example what the voting options required may be.

Maybe I should forget this one lol