Epoch 3: what should we focus on?

hi everyone

we enter our third epoch of the leadership council. what would the community like to see as our priorities?

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Newsletter, Newsletter and Newsletter!
It would be amazing if we could put a certain date on the Newsletter… for example every quarter.
Newsletter Q4 2022 / Q1 2023 Q2 2023 Q3 2023 …
A bit like “quarterly results” were they tell what has been done and what we can expect next quarter…
Maybe also a very short explanation from every coulcil member what they are doing as a council membert. So the community knows for what they are voting.
I think good communication is the most important for a lot of investors. So this is very high on my wishlist. I think it s more realistic to make one every quarter. So this does not take too much time and the community knows when to expect it. ( first week after end of quarter?)


Agree, quarterly updates at least and see where we are on the roadmap.
Don’t mind if things take time to make sure it’s securely done tested etc but having a high level roadmap updated quarterly would definitely be appealing! Like for instance know the timeline for recently validated snapshots, etc

Some more targeted communication towards Defi community and easier integration in the GUI of synergy between LINA/CHAOS/ATHOS to bring the Moonriver/Moonbeam community potentially over to BSC/ETH and the other way around :slight_smile:


New listings, fix the broken linear exchange, only been a year…lol even kevin doesn’t give af.

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Hi, here’s some feedback from the Korean Linear community.

  1. Agree with Wushu on additional synergies between LINA/CHAOS/ATHOS to facilitate user growth and utility.

  2. Concerning Linear Exchange, would like to see a bigger variety of thematic indexes listed. Would add more utility for the exchange. Currently there’s only play and defi and the charts aren’t working as well.


Thank you and welcome to the forum!
Great feedback, this is certainly something that I would agree with and hope to help facilitate.

In terms of indices, do you/ your community have any interesting ones that you would like to see us try to add?

Started new topic here:


Need a little time to gather everyone’s thoughts, but will get back to it asap

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