Burn X% of Supply

Burning an undetermined amount of the available LINA supply has always been a hot topic over the past couple of years on Telegram, etc. Now, the DAO format permits this action on a majority vote basis. What is the consensus amount/% of the supply that should be burned to improve tokenomics? As I understand it, the team would rather maintain 10B supply for future investment opportunities as an incubator, which very well could translate into an accretive event for LINA. But, could that not still be effectuated with, ie a maximum $8B supply? Let’s get some fruitful dialogue going; I know there’s a ton of us chomping at the bit to get some finality on this topic.


Hey blqck, thanks for another PIP!
What are your thoughts on the burning of unclaimed rewards? I will get some numbers over to the community so we have an idea of what sort of influence it may have of course and then we can discuss further.
Any other burn options or just a straight burn that you are suggesting here?

I think if we opt for a burning mechanism based on unclaimed rewards it’d be nice to know an estimate of the overall impact on supply within a year, which would be tough to extrapolate due to so many variables, ie market shifts, etc. I prefer a more definitive approach to supply reduction that is immediate and doesn’t require, ie, 2-3 years until completely fulfilled.


Just provided some numbers for this, in the thread discussing the burning of unclaimed rewards.

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With regards to burning the DAO allocated funds, 1.5b (ref: Linear Finance Token Metrics. The launch of Linear Finance will… | by Linear Finance | Linear Finance | Medium).

If the entire allocation would be burnt, then, realistically there are 0 funds for the DAO to “rule over” and for example use for grants etc. So it’s not as straightforward as let us burn the DAO allocation and believe there are still funds post burn to work with, from a DAO perspective.


So we can fin tune this proposition I’d encourage discussion about a burn here so that we can then choose one proposition:

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