Unclaimed Chaos airdrop, how to use those forfeited tokens?

The $CHAOS airdrop claim period is coming to an end on 2022-03-19 12:00 PM UTC and unfortunately there will be people who do not claim in time and their airdrop is forfeited as per the medium post explanation

Firstly I think the deadline is a little too soon, and this may lead to some frustrated community members who miss out ie. They took a few months break from crypto. So perhaps it is worth extending this if possible to provide more time? I wonder if it’s possible to find out how many holders have chaos which is unclaimed?

Secondly, once whatever deadline has passed, the unclaimed chaos is forfeited and my understanding is that they are returned to the foundation

The purpose of this thread is to ascertain if these forfeited tokens can be repurposed via a DAO vote? As the airdrop accounts for 25% of the supply of chaos, there could be a significant amount of tokens going unclaimed.

A report on the results of the airdrop would be very welcome here

If this is something we can vote for, what ideas are there for repurposing the funds?

  1. Allocate them as rewards for the next week claim, providing a nice bonus to chaos debt holders. This may also encourage more new users to get involved with chaos if there is a lucrative bonus waiting

  2. Allocate them as rewards but spread the total over the 12 months so the amount is spread instead of in one hit

  3. Fund a chaos marketing campaign - ie. Boosted Twitter posts, cointelegraph sponsored article

Anyone else have any other ideas?


Agreed. I have been staking lina since June 2021 and I missed the airdrop by a day.

Proposed to allow lina holder to join the chaos airdrop at anytime until the campaign ended. In this way, this would encourage people to stake more LINA and for longer duration. This would in turned stablised the LINA pricing


As a long-term Linear user, I find out about that airdrop month after deadline. Why you hiding that? I dont understand

How is this possible… Ive been stacking lina for over a year now and this is the first time Im hearing about this airdrop? ???

@silverfire I don’t know if you’ve seen but this was recently updated: