ℓPIP: "Welcome to Delta One Studios"

quick update: currently chatting with the team a bit about this proposal and ironing out some details


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Where are with that?
I think it would be useful to also have a video explaining the impact of roll over rewards to total rewards.

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hey crumbi - still working with the team to iron out the details about this proposition. i think that your idea is worth mentioning in the discussion about rewards!



Thanks for the update.

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we continue to work with the team on our proposition

these take a little time. we want to be certain we have the full support of the team before we go to DAO vote



hey everyone!

happy to report that we have come to agreement with the team. here is our updated “one-pager”.

please let us know if you have questions! :smiley:

submitting our snapshot very soon!


I am glad that the necessary development has begun
Thank you for telling the community transparently
I look forward to good results

  1. Who is the person placing the order when writing the contract
    Is it a foundation?
  2. Can we see the detailed items that will be specified in the contract, such as labor costs, material costs, and learning fuel?
  3. In the event of a dispute, is it governed by a California court?
  4. Are major countries (Korean and Chinese japenes versions available?)
  5. Can we check the similar level of sample on other web pages?
  6. If it is updated as above, how will it be distributed on Earth?
    Do you want to know the specific alternative for publicity?

I’m so curious. Sorry

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I’m graduate of cinema master degree and taken many class for editing and even writed short film scripts.

I would like to join the team If need help. I can share my cv with you If needed.

VOTE IS LIVE: Snapshot

thank you for your support!


As much I love to see @Captain_Trips_Linear and @CK_Linear_Council are engaged to help the project to reach out for potential new members and help them to use the linear platform by providing educational content, as concerned I am about the way it was done.

First of all you didn’t provide any information about who you are in real life or which experiences you have by giving examples of successful jobs you have done in this field. You claimed you are both professionals in marketing and you will work on the job with your newly created team. But you didn’t mentioned how large your team is. You didn’t introduce your team. You’re just providing a calculation of costs which allows you to allocate a relatively huge amount of money for a minute of content creation.

I’m not into the content creation market and therefore I cannot say anything about the prices, but you say that other teams would charge more money for the same job. So I think it would have been a good move to prove this by providing a counter-offer from a professional known company.

But the part that concerns me the most is the fact that you voted for it and this is clearly not ok in this case. You are part of the Linear Council and you should be impartial in this case. I know you are also part of the community but in this case it’s about your own profit and you have a lot voting power. You really should restart the lPIP without voting for it on your own. I gave my vote for the council before this happened. Now I’m not sure if I would re-elect you again, sorry.

I will vote against lPIP, because I don’t think you provided enough information about yourself and your past work, as I described above. But again I appreciate the work and effort you put in the project, don’t get me wrong!

Best regards!


I am also confused about the vote happening now. I was expecting to get more details?
Last time I asked you said that you are talking to the Lina team. What was discussed and what is the outcome of these discussions?

I also would have expected more details on you as a person, I asked questions around information @pho is highlighting 24 days ago.
While you responded, the feedback was not very satisfying and I thought I wait to hear what was discussed with the Lina Team before following up on that.

Further not restricting the wallets for this particular vote is a no go.

Please cancel the vote and provide feedback on what was the discussion with the Lina team about and as such give the community the opportunity to raise final question before the voting takes place.

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Just to add, amongst others, I would want to understand what was discussed with the Lina team. Have they vetted you and your team member, the company and that you have the right skills.

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thanks for the feedback pho. i also responded to you on the discord forum but i’ll address a couple additional points here.

i’ll emphasize that we want to remain anonymous but our team has been vetted by the linear team. the linear team is well-aware of the costs of typical marketing efforts, and found that our final bid met their comfort zone. same can be said of our body of work.

the difficulty with finding bids from competing companies is that a very large proportion of this job is creative-writing/content creation. no other marketing group has the intimate knowledge of the linear protocol, so how would you find a bid for that?

ultimately we understand that we need to earn everyone’s trust. i’m happy that there are people who want to have constructive discussions about the process. we don’t need to agree on everything.

hey crumbi

i responded to your specific questions one-by-one: ℓPIP: "Welcome to Delta One Studios" - #15 by Captain_Trips_Linear

i’m sorry, but we are not going to dox ourselves to the general community. we have provided our references and portfolio of work directly with the linear team. they vetted us.

as far as what we negotiated, i could have taken the time to outline the changes to our updated one-pager: ℓPIP: "Welcome to Delta One Studios" - #21 by Captain_Trips_Linear. basically we updated to include the full scope of all videos and agreed on a hard cap price. we also made arrangements to ensure that we are working closely on branding and budget to ensure we complete what we agree to.


  • hard capped the total job at $150k
  • eliminated phases and determined the appropriate videos for the entire job
  • established appropriate communication expectations to ensure our team is on-brand and on-budget

Hi Captain!

First of all I would like to thank you for taking initiative. You are very active and I certainly believe in the good intentions of your concept.

But I also certainly understand the concerns of some members within the community.
I am definitely behind the project. But I would also have liked us to go into more detail before the vote.
Perhaps it was not entirely clear that you were already this far in the negotiations with the core team.

I also have a few small questions before I vote:
In general I wondered how much Lina is available in the dao account?
Is this pool still growing at the moment or is this a fixed amount from the original Tokenization?
Who has acces to the DAO account en will be responsible for the payments ?
I have seen the intro and the teaser. However is there something more finished? So we have an idea on how the actual content will look like. You have other links were we can have a look on previous content you have made ? It does not has to be in crypto. Just to have a better understanding of what you are capable off?

Furthermore I was wondering how the videos will be distibuted?
Will you just integrate the videos in the dapps ?

Maybe it could be intersting to have a look on https://academy.moonbeam.network/
Would it be an idea to also work with an academy.linear.finance webpage ?
They have made everyting very clear on moonbeam and it looks quite easy to set up someting similar.

Looking forward to your reply!


gm semi - answering your questions in order

the linear dao has 1.5B tokens as per the tokenomics medium post: Linear Finance Token Metrics. The launch of Linear Finance will… | by Linear Finance | Linear Finance | Medium - it’s a fixed amount. the linear team is responsible for issuing the payments. the LC does not hold the keys for these tokens

we don’t have something more finished to share with you. we do not want to dox ourselves, so we are not going to provide the general population with the same professional portfolio that we provided to the linear team.

the video distribution is shared in the OP - we have a youtube channel that we will post. hopefully the linear team will post to their own youtube channel as well. additionally, the videos will be embedded into the dapps

i like the idea of the academy. it’s a logical organizational strategy. we will likely incorporate


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The fact that you did not think that this is relevant information to share with the community shows that your priority is in getting the contract… This all smells very :fish:

respectfully, i posted the updated spreadsheet. a curious observer could easily look at my original post and compare it to the updated spreadsheet.

sorry i didn’t outline my post, but to suggest that i’m operating in anyway that is not transparent is completely disingenuous.

my priority is to positively contribute to the longevity of the protocol. i encourage anyone with the capability and interest to do the same

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I do completely agree with the concerns raised by @pho!

With all the respect @Captain_Trips_Linear when you apply for any job position in any industry related to creativity, the potential employer will always ask you to provide some proof to your statements! What is important is to show what you ACTUALLY CAN do, instead of what YOU SAY you CAN do - anyone can call himself/herself professional, but that is not for you to claim, nor decide.

First red flag, if you call yourself a professional in the field you are saying that you are, then you must have done a ton of similar fashion work during the past few years, that does not only look good on paper, but also has brought the results your clients have expected - hence your portfolio must be huge.
Before me pulling a trigger to agree on spending even a penny on anyone’s work, I would like you to share your previous work with the community (if any names are under NDA, feel free to remove sensitive data), as I just can’t rely purely on someone self-proclaiming themselves a ‘professional’. Let your achievements/previous work (aka. portfolio) speak for itself and leave for the community to decide if whatever you have done so far is deemed to be professionalism.

Second red flag, you said that you want to remain anonymous - though I believe this is wrong. If you are taking someone’s money, you can’t be anonymous - community must know who should we hold accountable for in case something is not delivered from what is said to be delivered OR the quality of work does not meet everyone’s expectations - in other words, we have rights to know ‘our heroes’ if shit hits the fan in any way. The same way as the Team of Linear project - they are publicly known entities - and so you should be too if you are willing to do a paid work. Otherwise, if someone is willing to remain anonymous it raises many questions, which definitely does not help to get an approval for this proposition.


hi ricco, thank you for the thoughtful response

as i’ve previously stated, our team was satisfactorily vetted by the linear finance team. they have seen our work and recognized that it meets their standards.

i’m sure you are aware that there are multiple examples of successful projects that have anon team. it’s practically an industry standard in crypto.

we have stated that we are going to work closely in partnership with the linear finance team, just like any other contracting partner. we have expectations in place that we will meet their standards on branding and budget, and we have agreed that we will not be paid for work until after the work is completed. we’re doing this to protect the DAO’s funds.

at the end of the day we are simply passionate linear supporters who bought into the concept of providing unique financial instruments to anyone around the world. we are doing what we can to contribute to the overall success of the protocol. it is my hope that we will inspire more passionate supporters to find their niche by being the pioneering team to engage with the dao.