Hierarchy of Priorities Summary

hi folks

thank you to everyone who took the time to help us prioritize the improvements we want to see for Linear Finance.

i’ve bundled and summarized the feedback from everyone. (not listed in order of priority)


  • Tokenomics Report
  • Dashboard Updates
  • Track Debt and Transactions Improvements (UX/UI across Buildr/Exchange)


  • Strong LUSD/BUSD Peg
    • More Liquidity
    • Peg Mechanism
  • Increased LINA Utility
    • Staking Options / Bonds
  • Additional Collateral Options
  • Additional Utility for Liquids
  • Burn


  • Increased Marketing
  • Increased Presence from Leadership
  • Increased Transparency on Progress
  • Increased Notifications Communication
  • Updated FAQs - Discord
  • Mutually Beneficial Partnerships with DEFI/Crypto Projects


  • Focus on Adding Commodities, Indices and other Unique Offerings
  • Increase Perpetual Options
  • Limit Orders/Stop Loss Functionality
  • UI/UX


  • Hire Dedicated Dev
  • Peg Protection Pot (LUSD stability tool)
  • Improved Development Turn-around Time
  • Improved Exchange Stability
  • UI/UX Improvements

my general impression is that the most requested features from the community are going to need major Dev support. these include LUSD peg, LINA utility and exchange updates. i propose we focus on filling this role ASAP.

in my opinion, the most requested feature from the community over the past year has been marketing related educational videos. i’ve submitted a ℓPIP you may review (ℓPIP: "Welcome to Delta One Studios" - #5 by pho). my opinion is that we can build out the films, get them on youtube in tandem with non-marketing efforts.

what do you think? what is the correct prioritization of these efforts?



Excellent summary, covers everything, clear and concise. Great work Trips

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thank you. what we need now from the community is some prioritization feedback. i.e. what should be our first objective?

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I think feedback was already provided in various messages.

I would suggest to create like a A, B, C and D priority plan and have the community vote on it.

I also would find it very helpful if we could add behind each item a estimated development time or at least classify items high, medium and low development time. Also could you clarify which items could run in parallel?

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the questions you are asking are the same questions i’m asking from the community. these determinations are best sourced from the community, rather from a single team member. i certainly have my opinions, but want to encourage more participation from our DAO members.

agree with your point - we should create different priorities and make plans. what would be included in your priority A list? what about your priority B list?

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If we don’t touch unclaimed rewards in a first time, the following is pretty much doable:

Q2/Q3 2022:


  • Increasing liquidity in LUSD/BUSD LP on PancakeSwap
  • Tools to automate the peg (peg protection pot as you called it)


  • Increasing Exchange stability
  • Adding popular commodities & more exotic indices
  • Increasing overall UX
  • Trading Competitions, Marketing…


  • Videos made by Delta One Studios
  • Adding a dedicated section in main website UI

Q4 2022: (what I would personally like to see)



Dashboard Updates 1
Strong LUSD/BUSD Peg 1
Peg Mechanism 1
Limit Orders/Stop Loss Functionality 1
Hire Dedicated Dev 1
Peg Protection Pot (LUSD stability tool) 1
Improved Development Turn-around Time 1
Improved Exchange Stability 1
UI/UX Improvements 1
Tokenomics Report 2
Track Debt and Transactions Improvements (UX/UI across Buildr/Exchange) 2
More Liquidity 2
Increased LINA Utility 2
Increased Presence from Leadership 2
Increased Transparency on Progress 2
Increased Notifications Communication 2
Focus on Adding Commodities, Indices and other Unique Offerings 2
Increase Perpetual Options 2
Updated FAQs - Discord 2
Staking Options / Bonds 3
Additional Collateral Options 3
Additional Utility for Liquids 3
Increased Marketing 3
Mutually Beneficial Partnerships with DEFI/Crypto Projects 3
Burn 4

I am adding burn to 4 as I feel more information is needed to make a proper decision.


wow, love this thoughtful feedback! thank you crumbi!!!

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We are creating an exemplary DAO vote
We’re becoming nevagators to other projects! I’m so proud

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I suggest to compile the feedback and bring it out to a vote.

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i don’t know that we need to vote on this. think we can just reach consensus via conversation. priorities and goals are always shifting based on the changing landscapes, but it’s very important to set initial goals and understand the ultimate goal: to bring new users to our exchange

it’s my responsibility to organize the feedback from this thread … would be nice to receive more feedback from our community, but agree with your point @Crumbi … don’t want to lose momentum

i will dedicate time this weekend to this effort and post some detailed thoughts


I agree finalizing this ASAP is key.
It would also be great to understand what are the next steps to tackle these individual items.

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that’s right lets get down

Good work, like your thinking here, a phased approach to change, aka roadmap.
I think that getting stop loss and limit order functionality on exchange is a fairly big undertaking due to the smart contracts required and so a DEV in place first would be needed, we are working on that.
But agree most of the other phase 1 stuff is doable.
So for me, UI/UX improvements should have its own agenda as per the other thread that we have by CK and carry on in the back ground while we vote and work on other essentials.


I agree, UI/UX should be done asynchronously, with its own set of priorities (ex: setting the links between Linear/Chaos/Athos so a user on whichever platform can easily discover another one, and all the other point that were discussed in the UI/UX thread).

Then, for remaining priorities, it is key to keep the user pov in mind. Outside UI/UX, it’d be nice to have more « gamification » to incentivise active trading on the platform. A proper dashboard with appropriate KPI (leaderboards, « levels », best trades for asset category, most active DAO participants,…) and rewards (Liquids, LINA/Chaos, Stablecoin, partnerships outside the protocol: should be carefully designed but could leverage for example unclaimed weekly rewards, linked to a stablecoin pegging mechanism, …


Welcome Wushu, thanks for you input, some nice ideas there.
What sort of gamification ideas do you mean? Seems interesting, have you seen something we could look at on other platforms?

I’m not an expert on this topic however I’ve seen examples within CEX where trading can:
-Make some users eligible to participate in a lucky draw with several prizes. (Based on trading activity, with an easy to read « Goals » progress bar)
-Every month, the portfolio/trade history of the most successful traders are visible by everyone. They earn a % for each user copying their strategy. (involving leaderboards and « levels » based on historical performance)
-Promote referral/platform trading education (social media activity, giving additional % for lucky draws, specific « badges », reduced trading fees)
Then, it can be shared to others, increasing word-of-mouth. Adding a social element is key for gamification.
-With each trades, earn in-app points. These points can be redeemed , and the user can choose between a range of rewards requiring a specific amount of in-app points.

There are surely other “gamification” levers that could be explored!


Thanks Wushu, some more interesting points there.
I think what you are describing is a social trading platform, and they do indeed work very well but its not necessarily the vision I have for our exchanges, I think a socialfi/ trading platform is a very niche type of platform so would represent a fairly major change in direction for us.
However, that being said, and to your point, we could definitely look for inspiration from platforms such as these to help boost our image and user base, I particularly like the idea of trading competitions and we are taking a lot about improving UI/UX.

In the mean time, I have been working on a partnership with a trading platform that is actually a social trading platform, and I hope to have some news in the coming days. I see partnerships with good projects in the defi space as a good way to increase our exposure and also get inspiration to improve our own exchange and grow user base.

Thanks for the input.


I personally like the idea on linking the different platforms. ( Linear finance, Chaos, Athos)
It brings the different platforms together and also gives the opportunity to investors to discover the other eco systems.

Wouldn’t it be possible to add link buttons or a drop down menu to the different platforms?


I have added a short proposal for the dashboard. I tried to keep the improvements to a few only
voting starts today